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So I've been taking a gym class at my college this summer. We each have partners we work out with, it's just I happened to pair up with a guy who regularly has body odor. Now, I can't be the only one who has noticed it, but I guess everyone, including me, are too polite to tell the guy to take care of it. So my question is how do I tell this dude to get it together and not sound like a dick?

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"Dude, I'm your bud and I don't wanna upset you but you reek like alot."

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Passive aggressively buy them soap/deodorant/mouth wash, should be cool.

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"Hey Dude? You stink, wash your self properly and use some deoderant. It's gross."

If he thinks you're a wanker for telling him he stinks, he clearly has no intention of getting a girlfriend or making friends.

You're doing him a favour by telling him, so he should thank you. If he doesn't, no big deal, I mean you don't want to be friends with a stinky guy do you?

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To be fair, it's gym.

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Just bring it up (in a private setting, obviously) as politely as you possibly can. Best not to drag it out - just rip the band-aid right off.

And remind yourself that you aren't doing him any favors by not telling him. But don't be surprised if he gets really defensive anyway.

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Yo, I could really go for an Italian sub right now.

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You say "Oh, it smells like there's a leaky piss pipe around here. Let's move over here." and then when you've moved, you say "Oh, this place smells like piss too. Ah man!".

I've unknowingly done this, before I realised the smell was coming from the person right next to me, but at least it worked.

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Hose that bitch down.

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Just tell him, don't be a fucking pussy, he will appreciate it.

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Ask him if he wears deodorant when it's just you guys and you're done, or during a quiet time. If he says yes, tell him that he needs to find something stronger/wear more because the smell is really awful. If he says no, tell him that he needs to wear deodorant to kill the smell and to also regulate his body temperature.

I know that disgusting smell when a dude doesn't wear deodorant. There's nothing worse. Except poop smells.

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Does he smell like onions?

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At the gym? What's the fuck*ng problem? You're supposed to sweat and smell of kabob. If it's after or before, sure.

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Wow, people smell in Gym Class? How strange! 
Just tell him, it's really not rocket science. Wouldn't you wanna know why everyone keept their distance from you if it was happening to you?

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I find it offputting when someone's body odor smells vaguely like foods I normally enjoy. There is a guy that I help at my job who regularly smells like sweat and what could only be described as bad taco seasoning. Totally gross.

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Pin him down and wash him, Trailer Park Boys style.

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Go into class with a can of Axe and spray it into his eyes. When he throws his hands up to shield his vision and drops to his knees, continue to spray him down until the can is empty. Throw the can aside like a badass and walk out that bitch with your bag slung over one shoulder.


@MikkaQ said:

Pin him down and wash him, Trailer Park Boys style.

This. TPB references always override everything. "It's not rocket appliances!"

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Or you can just inhale that shit until your nose hair curls and burns off. That way you're used to the smell. Just fucking take it all in. SSSSNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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I feel like they have answered this question multiple times
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@CL60 said:

To be fair, it's gym.

My thoughts exactly

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@MikkaQ said:

Pin him down and wash him, Trailer Park Boys style.

Great....Now I'm gonna have re-watch that entire series, because its one of the best ever. Netflix thanks you, good sir.

Maybe the guy in your gym class drives 14 cheese burgers at a time into his gut? That will make anyone stink......

Or, maybe he's a cannibal. I've heard that regularly ingesting human flesh can make you reek. Your digestive system just can't handle it. Just a theory. :)

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Its a gym but the guy can at least put on deodorant or something

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Tell him that he smells good and ask him what type of perfume or deodorant he uses.

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Say it in a gentlemanly fashion.

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He might be using a deodorant that reacts badly with him when he sweats.

I recently bought a bottle of some Nivea for men stuff to wear during the day and I found that after a couple of hours pulling some boxes of samples around the office (long story), I had this really distinct sour smell coming out of me.

Whipped my undershirt off and sprayed some Lynx instead and all was good, but it's not something I've ever had happen before.

He could legitimately not realise...or he could just be an unhygienic motherfucker.

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@EuanDewar: dammit i was hoping i'd be the first one to mention mbmbam! Ah well, things could be worse i guess

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What mystifies me is how these people can walk around smelling like ass, and totally be oblivious to it. I know the minute my pits start to sweat and smell, and I'm all over it with the deodorant. And it's not just because I don't enjoy the smell. I also know that other people don't enjoy it, either. These fuckers, and believe me, I know the type, they can literally walk around all day, smelling like they don't wipe their ass properly, and not notice it in the least.

It's disgusting, and my first roommate in college smelled exactly like that. I never did have the heart to teach him how to wipe properly, I was a little more passive aggressive and simply wouldn't invite him to things.

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  1. bring some anti-perspirant or body spray
  2. use it on yourself
  3. casually give it to him to use on himself
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@Tim_the_Corsair: All jokes aside, I've had that problem quite a few times. Certain deodorant doesn't last on me or just doesn't smell right on my body. You know how certain scents smell great on others? I shower twice a day and I even trim my armpit hair. I'm really paranoid when it comes to personal smells and I'm still looking for deodorant that lasts long and smells right on me.

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@BraveToaster I'm much the same (I shave my pits is probably the only difference), and I always shower twice a day and spray as often as I need to.

This is my second bad experience with a Nivea, so won't be going with that anymore.

I'll probably stick with Rexona and Lynx at this stage, as I rotate through a few different ones and they are all effective. I've also got the Old Spice I bought in Hawaii for the lols that I'll use until it runs out (don't sell it in Aus I don't think).
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Tell them in plain english. Don't ask if they'd like a stick of gum or something stupid and vague that they might not catch. Tell them that you don't know how to say it, so you're just going to say it, and tell them that they smell noticeably bad and would like it if they wore deodorant. If they take it poorly, then apologize for being so blunt and that you weren't trying to be a dick, and explain that you don't know how to handle things delicately.
But it's fucking gym. It's weird if you don't stink.

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If someone smells particularly bad and sweats a lot, just be like applying deodorant in their face, maybe it'll give them ideas. *hint hint*