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Hi just wanted to share this news for those who enjoyed the previous Bunch of Dads podcast earlier this year. For those who have never heard of this, its a podcast hosted by friend of the site WIll Smith and 3 other dads talking about their experiences with fatherhood. This weeks guests include Vinny Caravella, Dave Snider and Gary Whitta. Some of my favorite content on the site that makes me kinda miss the interaction between the people on it, here's hoping to more of this stuff in the future.


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oh sweet the first 2 were a good listen! thanks for the heads up.

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Awesome! Love these. Downloading now.

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Awesome. I'll have to listen to this when I get back home.

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Thanks a billion.

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Listening to it right now, I am so glad that they've kept doing this.

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Sweet! These are always fun!

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Dope Dadz.

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Those first two episodes were pure magic. Thanks for the heads up, I would've completely missed this.

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This is just prime Vinny. Kobe beef Vinny. Vintage.

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Looking foreword to it, been way way to long since 2 and sad to see no Jeff :(

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