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(I apologize from copy and pasting from a Neogaf thread, but I didn't see any love from Giant Bomb's forums so I thought I'd put it up here).



OCTOBERKAST 2013 - UPDATED w/ Guests + Donation Info

OCTOBERKAST 2013 is less than 24 hours away, we're starting at noon Pacific on Friday, October 25. That means it's time to announce our guests and let you guys know about donation options. We've got a packed roster of all-stars this year, so take a look then thank them for coming to the show!

As always, we’ll have twenty-four (24) hours of guests, sleep-deprived antics, and inane contests. Jeff Green will be here. Horror games will be played on the Oculus Rift. We’ll stream on YouTube in glorious 720p. Too much coffee will be consumed. There will be archives.


Will Smith


| Norm Chan


| Gary Whitta



Brad Shoemaker

Dave Snider

Colin Campbell

Jeremy Williams

Loyd Case

Carl Merriam

-coming up-

Roberto Baldwin, Veronica Belmont, Phil Broughton, Vinny Caravella, Roger Chang, Bill Doran, Alexis Gallisá, Jeff Gerstmann, Darren Gladstone, Jeff Green, The Idle Thumbs (Jake Rodkin and Chris Remo), Brad Muir, Patrick Norton, Matt Rorie, Adam Savage, Drew Scanlon

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Thanks for the heads up. I totally forgot about it. What time did it actually start?

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Damn I knew that I forgot about something when I decided to go on a pretty much whole day date with mi girl. Damn you cruel fate

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I made a GIF of a live slap. Shit's getting real in there. For the kids.

How can she slap?!?!

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Ah shit, that's tonight? That's too bad, I've been away, now I'm going to bed, then I'm going to work.

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Gary made Occulus Space Rocks. He's having a kickstarter soon.

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So Veronica Belmont just asked Will Smith if he ever watched tentacle porn before. Fantastic. Just fantastic.

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Great segment. That was one quality slap.

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I'm so ready for a Space Rocks kickstarter

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Veronica was a great guest, I enjoyed listening to them just talk about books.

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Alexis eatting a hot pepper and Drew slapping him (twice) in the face was the best part so far.

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Alexis is Awesome, drew's slap was awesome TOO!!

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I feel so bad for Alexis haha, what a trooper.

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Norm, Oculus Rift, Euro Truck Simulator.

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Alexis is such a good sport. He took that pepper and double slap like a man.

Edit: Norm was really a trooper. I think he was in the rift for almost 2 hours.

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Tested News Alert! Will Smith is reporting on location live in the Oculus Rift.

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The Alexis whipped cream moment is ripe for gifification

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Poor Norm, playing that thing must've been nauseating.

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The Alexis eating the pepper + getting slapped in the face moment was priceless.

Also enjoyed Veronica Belmont's discussion of Tentacle Porn.

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Poor Norm. But it was great seeing that live.

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Ah I missed the Alexis slap, guess it happened when I was asleep. Is Jeff going to slap someone? I hope so.

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Will this be archived? I missed the Veronica segment

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Thees slaps are too damn tame.

They should have been as vicious as this (2:34):

Loading Video...

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@humanity said:

Will this be archived? I missed the Veronica segment

If I remember correctly, Will said they'll probably have it archived by tomorrow.

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@humanity said:

Will this be archived? I missed the Veronica segment

If I remember correctly, Will said they'll probably have it archived by tomorrow.

The first 16 hours are already archived and up on Twitch.

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Vinny is in the house. Also Dadcast will occur!

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Whitta should have played for the Miami Heat. DAT KIT-KAT THROW.

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I would have liked to have seen a little more follow through from Veronica, but it was still awesome.

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I have to say, this year's Octobercast has been pretty slapstick. Zing!

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Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to be the first of many... (marketer here)

Will "Piss in the Wind" Smith
EA Marketing Guy

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Jeff is real skittish about eating these peppers.

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This pepper business is the best, most hilarious thing!

#35 Posted by Demoskinos (16438 posts) -

Jeff + Peppers = Comedy

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@demoskinos said:

@themanwithnoplan said:
@humanity said:

Will this be archived? I missed the Veronica segment

If I remember correctly, Will said they'll probably have it archived by tomorrow.

The first 16 hours are already archived and up on Twitch.

Excuse my ignorance, I am not that familiar with how Twitch works and frankly I'm a bit lost whenever I go to their site - how would one find these first 16 hours?

Edit: ok nevermind I figured it out

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Turns out slapping and hot peppers make for amazing content lol... props to Tested and guests!

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You go out drinking with Drew and Alexis, things might get weird.

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I expected the guys to have a bigger reaction to the peppers, seemed like only Norm was really getting hit hard by it. Still a great end and overall a fun Octoberkast. I need to go back and watch the Norm on Oculus part, it sounds amazing. Gotta keep truckin.

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I can't wait to go back and watch/listen to the two prior year's Octobercasts. I didn't even know this was a thing until the Tested guys were right about to do it.

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The coffee guy was amazing. He's was the Heisenberg of Caffeine.

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That close up of Alexis is absolutely the best thing to come out of Octoberkast.

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At what point were Alexis and Drew on? I need timestamps!

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Roughly 6-8 hours in.

An easy way to navigate the stream, at least prior to Norm's trip, is roughly every 50-60 minutes there's a new guest(s).

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Loved the show this year, though I still need to catch up on a lot of it. I missed the later half of Norm's nausea truckin'. That was painful to watch, but also fascinating.

Definitely a step up from last year, which I felt was a little too tame in comparison to the Whiskey Octoberkast of the preceding year (which isn't necessarily their fault, and I still enjoyed it a lot). They really upped the ante this time.

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Idle Thumbs' Chris Remo and Jake Rodkin come in around 10 hours 7 minutes

Drew and Alexis come in at 12 hours 10 minutes

Jeff Gerstmann comes in at 19 hours 20 minutes