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It's that time again... Thats right another Desktop Wallpaper Thread. 

 "So This is My Dinosaur Wallpaper" - Props if you get the joke!
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Motion City Soundtrack!

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It's the 29th!

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@Ineedaname: Yeah, I know I like to start these threads a few days earlier.
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In that case the same background I've had for months now. I'm lazy and can't be bothered going to the background folder, so courtesy of giantbomb and paint quality printscreens.

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My background image loops, but this is probably the best looking one anyway.
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@luce: Your desktop is a cluster fuck.
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Just the way I like it, baby
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@luce: I love it when you call me baby.
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 Click it mate. You know you want to.
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i got 2 monitors
i doubt you'll get the background
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 My Desktop.
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@ZeroCast said:
 Click it mate. You know you want to.
Loving that background.
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You know it's sexy.
And here's a bonus:

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@firewrkninja: I Love You Man of course
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Mostly the same as last time. 
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@DrDemon: Your suppose to say "I'm Batman!" in either Adam West Batman Voice or Dark Knight "I'm Batman.....n!"
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@Soren: Awesome, although Innocent Sin is still the best.
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@SmashedControllers said:
" @Soren: Awesome, although Innocent Sin is still the best. "
Agreed, i just really liked how this looked as a background.
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@Hourai: Really nice. Love the rotary calendar.
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Loving my background.
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Found it last night and fell in love with it. HERE is the larger version with no icons if anyone else wants to use it.

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Just had to have this when they showed the cover preview off. 
Sorry if its crazy bright, my monitor is horribly dark.
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I'm quite fond of the vault boy. 
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Been using this one for a long time.
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Larger image
Windows 7 x64, two monitors (20'' in 1600x900, 17'' in 1280x1024, both at 60Hz). The icons are normal shell icons, no Rocket Dock or anything. I'm thinking I'll probably get an Arkham City wallpaper for the smaller one. That Blackest Night image is extremely cool, but a bit cluttering.
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I don't have the bin anymore. 
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Senna, Prost, Schumacher. Inspired by the Top Gear episode on Senna.
Wallpaper: standard, wide
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Being a huge fan of this album cover and all, I decided to make a crappy photoshop job so I could use it as my wallpaper. Tried making it look like it was the size of my resolution but gave up after about an hour and did this.
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Still using Vista for some reason : /
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@Dragon_Fire said:
 My Desktop.
Whoa! That's an awesome pic! The art style kinda reminds me of the MAD magazine cover kid.
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@ahriman22: Pretty, do have a link?
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@ZeroCast: could you send me to the original image? i like knights.
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@Lone_f: yea! senna! too bad he's gone :(