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Didn't realize Pelican released a new EP, I'll have to listen to that.....other than that I would have to guess our musical tastes are completely opposite

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Haven't seen any films this year, really. Though, from the response at Cannes, I'm very interested in Holy Motors.

Music wise, I think my stealth favorite album of the year is the new Moonface album which has caught me by surprise. Also very much looking forward to Liars's WIXIW in a week.

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Favorite album so far is definitely Flying Colors' self-titled debut, nothing else I've listened to so far this year comes close. Also, I'm not sure if Vivus! is really eligible, depending on how you feel about re-releases/remasters, but I do really like that set.

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Meshuggah - Koloss.

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@SMTDante89: The Vivus! recordings were never released beforehand, so technically it's a new release.

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I have a number of Albums that are all vying for my top spot this year.

"I Love You, It's Cool" by Bear In Heaven

the Moonface album with Sinai

the new Princeton album is surprisingly good

Bloom by Beach House is awesome

Kill for Love by Chromatics is awesome

the new Lemonade Ablum is also very good

Clear Moon by Mount Eerie is pretty great

and some of the best stuff isn't even out yet, like the new Passion Pit Album

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@Grimmrobe: Actually, it's the Live in L.A. and Live in Eindhoven albums. They've been out of print for years, but have been released before.

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@BulletproofMonk said:

Meshuggah - Koloss.

I was let down by their new album. I don't think they'll better Obzen.