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Yeah, I really like a lot of the guys already listed here. I think Blake Richardson has been doing some incredible things on the past few BTBAM releases. Brann Dailor is just great, love that guy. Thank you to @onekillwonder_ for mentioning Dave McClain, who is a criminally underrated and really selfless drummer (tremendous bias here with Machine Head being my favorite band). I'm a little surprised it took so many posts for Mario Duplantier's name to pop up, considering how much his stock is on the rise following L'Enfant Sauvage. Kollias, Mangini, Portnoy, Hoglan all titans - I love Fear Factory's 2010 release, Mechanize and Hoglan was an integral part of that sound.

As far as contributing a new name to the pile, I really like all styles of Shannon Lucas (former All That Remains, now former The Black Dahlia Murder). He was the best part of the Fall of Ideals, left ATR and did some killer work with BDM before leaving them after 3 albums. Excited to see what's next for him. Side note - the guy who replaced him in All That Remains starting with the album Overcome (which marks a significant downturn in my appreciation for ATR), Jason Costa was fantastic on Diecast's Tearing Down Your Blue Skies.

As for Joey Jordison and The Rev, I like them both just fine. They're overrated by some and looked down upon by others. I like Slipknot's early works quite a bit, and some Avenged Sevenfold's later stuff is pretty OK. But like others, I question the choice to mark one's own answer to a question they asked with their first post in a new forum community.

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I have seen a lot of topics about this, and a lot of people tend to vote for a drummer from a great hard rock band drummer, or some European drummer that I haven't ever heard of. Or some old fart from the 80's who was pretty good for his time like Dave Lombardo. But I am pretty tired of seeing drummers like Joey Jordison and The Rev at the bottom and barely making peoples lists. I think these guys are the best we have seen in this lifetime and I have looked at a lot of different drummers. These guys just made it look easy. Not only because of technique but also because what they contributed to there bands and how big there band became because of them.

Joey Jordison hahahaha

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@dangerloves: The Locust never seem to get their due. I've always considered their records to be a bit of a novelty (along with a lot of grindcore-derivative bands), but they are definitely a different story live; I've seen them twice and their sets are a blast, they really pull that stuff off well. I also love the fact that Serbian does all that craziness with a comparatively small kit. No need for all that china-boy, dual hi-hat nonsense.

I've never seen them live. I was hoping they'd tour Australia after signing to Epitaph, but since they're on hiatus, it might be an even longer wait for them to tour again. Lame! I was a huge Locust fan in my late teens and early twenties, most people I knew, fuckin' hated them.

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Just thought I'd leave this here:

This guy is such a fucking beast the stuff he's done for Soilwork is nothing short of incredible. His Darkane shirt reminded me that Peter Wildoer is also a force to be reckoned with.

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@onekillwonder_: I hadn't bought a Soilwork album since Natural Born Chaos, so when I popped in The Living Infinite the drumming instantly stood out. Let the First Wave Rise hit on my first listen and my only though was "hot damn." Same with Leech (that last 30 seconds!). Lots of variety for a melodeath double album so it gives him plenty to do, stylistically.

Just learned that he played on Warrel Dane's solo album, so time to give that another listen!

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And I mentioned Lopez in Opeth earlier, but I do think Martin Axenrot's starting to make his mark.

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Thomas Haake, Danny Carey, Brann Dailor.

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@dangerloves: I came in here to throw my hat in for Gabe Serbian as well. He plays so well and with such great precision

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Bill Ward.

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@onekillwonder_: I hadn't bought a Soilwork album since Natural Born Chaos, so when I popped in The Living Infinite the drumming instantly stood out. Let the First Wave Rise hit on my first listen and my only though was "hot damn." Same with Leech (that last 30 seconds!). Lots of variety for a melodeath double album so it gives him plenty to do, stylistically.

You should definitely check out their last album, The Panic Broadcast, too. It's pretty comparable to NBC in terms of style, mostly because Peter Wichers returned for it, and there are some astounding solos on it. I like Sworn to a Great Divide and I love the hell out of Stabbing the Drama, but TPB is where I feel like Dirk really came into his own with them. But yeah dude, The Living Infinite is maybe the best thing they've ever done, and I really love all their shit. Never thought they could accomplish something like that without Wichers and Frenning's writing.

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Genre aside, Buddy Rich is the greatest drummer who's ever picked up a set of sticks. No comparison. He could drum circles around anyone of his era, and were he still around, could do the same to anyone today. Even in his old age he's better than just about anyone in their prime. Even Neil Peart said Buddy was the best. Seeing some of this stuff, it's not hard to see why.

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That guy from Mastodon. Drum-fill heaven.

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@onekillwonder_: Yeah, a double album without Wichers seemed destined for failure. But then I saw some reviews hit and holy crap, I'm glad I gave it a chance.

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Neil Pe...

@tycobb said:

Genre shouldn't matter in the case of drummers. Neil Peart will always be the best.

You beat me to it.

EDIT: Here:

Neil Peart is God.

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My vote goes to Sean Reinert of Cynic.

Or Danny Carey, because he's Danny-fucking-Carey!

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Danny Carey, Danny Walker and Brann Dailor are easily my top 3 (not in order). There are tons of good metal drummers but they usually don't show a ton of creativity or unique skill. Yeah I get you can carry a super fast beat, that's nothing compared to what Carey and Walker do with their crazy ass time signatures or Brann with his, sometimes over done, fills. Speed isn't everything same thing goes with most metal guitarist too, so what if you can tap and sweep your way through an entire song it means nothing if it sounds like everything else out there. There of course other great metal drummers like Mangini but I just personally prefer those mentioned before.

Also yeah Neil Peart is probably one of the best drummers alive but Rush isn't really metal.

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I'm surprised that Marco Minneman or Mike Portnoy has not been said yet in this thread.

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Danny Carey :)