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In the absence of a Whiskey Media site dedicated to music, I find myself in need of a website that covers music in an entertaining, informative way. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? I have a pretty wide taste, so long as it's not modern pop...or country, definitely not country. Thanks.

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I mostly check Consequence Of Sound and Gorilla vs Bear, because it covers a lot of my tastes. I recommend that give them a look.

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The daily swarm is a good aggregator for music news. Not too entertaining but normally pretty informative.

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A whiskey media music site would be pretty neat. The issue I guess is that musical taste is so diverse. I have yet to find a music site that completely represents my music choice.

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They don't cover everything (not even close actually) but Absolute Punk and Dying Scene are pretty good when I comes to hardcore and punk music. Then I just go to Reddit for my wub wub needs.

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Pitchfork is okay for finding new music though I don't much care for their reviews.

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Consequence of Sound is fairly entertaining and covers all kinds of music. I know a lot of people hate it, and I get why, but I check Pitchfork pretty often. I also enjoy the needle drop on youtube.

If you're into hip-hop, the smoking section is a pretty good website.

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Last.fm is a great way to find new music based on your tastes.

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@HisDudeness: Thanks for suggesting Gorilla vs. Bear! It definitely suits my tastes.

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sputnik music if you're looking for a place that is a community....pitchfork media if you're looking for music news and reviews....last.fm if you're looking for new music to listen to.

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@HisDudeness: Gorilla vs Bear is great, found some great new albums on their best of 2011 list.

I'll check out Sputnikmusic as well.