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#51 Posted by felakuti4life (152 posts) -


Only in Canada.


#52 Posted by Darth_Mercer (71 posts) -

@ZeForgotten: So is a person who tells a lie an irredeemable liar? I do not condone this person's actions in any way, and taking what is not yours is wrong, but I guess I'm just trying to say that the world isn't so black and white. The letter did state this was his/her first and last crime. Sure, it could be untrue, but I just have to object against such simplistic and unfair ways of thinking. I don't mean to start trouble, I just felt I had to say something.

#53 Posted by EthanielRain (971 posts) -

I've learned more from the mistakes I've made than from anything else. It seems this person has learned a lot from his mistake; no reason to make him a modern Jean Valjean. Best of luck to him, I say.

#54 Posted by Slag (5364 posts) -

Right on man. Takes guts to try to make amends for a wrong like that.

Hope that dude reforms and that family never has any more burglaries.

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Damn some giant bombers are cold blooded.

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Someone once told me that Canadians masturbate by apologizing in a mirror.

I guess they were right.

#57 Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish (1751 posts) -

Who the fuck is desperate enough to steal an xbox. 

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What a mannerly burglar. I forgive him. Granted it's not my house, but hey he's making an effort to make things right.

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@zombie2011 said:

I'm guessing the Xbox Red-Ringed on the thief so thats why he returned it.

Clever girl.

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@Ravenlight said:

Just because he apologized doesn't mean he wasn't a douchebag for breaking-in in the first place. A person is a criminal if they commit a crime, regardless if they're sorry about it after.

id say thats a little harsh everyone makes mistakes. the fact he at least tried to pay for the damage shows hes not just bsing