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C*** by Tebbit

As you might have seen if you were awake 3-4 hours ago, I made this song. It features Vinny saying a particular word, a particularly large number of times.

I hope my family never hears this. But I hope you, the listeners, do!

EDIT: NOW WITH OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO, from everybody's favourite Turbonic Man, @TurboMan

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Is the c*** care?

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That was fantastic, you have earned my follow, my good man.

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What a catchy song! Both the beat and the lyrics! I know I'll be walking around the block shouting "cunt! cunt! cunt! cunt! cunt!" today.

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bahahaha, thank you sir.

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Whooooah, dude! Great job!

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Played this and my mom heard it from the other room. She probably thinks I'm a crazy person... Oh and good job dude.

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That was pretty damn great.

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Hahah that was brilliant!

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Sir this is amazing.

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Woooooooah! that was awesome!

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Ahaha awesome 

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I presume the other thread was deleted due to the word cunt appearing in the title?

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You sir, have talent.  Thanks for that!

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Why wouldn't you want your family, are they a bunch of marys?

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This is an unironically catchy song. In more ways than one if ya'na'saiyan.

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Well done

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I really want to make a music video right now...

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well captured

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I need to pick up single female listeners here.

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Ryan's reaction is the best.

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You're a genius

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I have to admit that's a catchy set of beats and melodies.  Vinny is a naughty boy sometimes.

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Fantastic. "Whoooooa! Whoooooa! Whoooooa! Duuuuude!"

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Woah, what? Didn't know there were a bunch of Mary's over there XD

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Oh god! Can't stop laughing! Keep up the good work. :D

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: /

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Made me laugh so mission accomplished \m/

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This is going in my summer jamz playlist, but I personally am still waiting on the reggea smash hit "fanny"

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Relive the magic.

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He heh. That was pretty good. Now can't help but imagine an entire CD full of Bombcast lines turned into awesome songs.

I would suggest Jeff's "OH SHIT" during the Family Go Kart Racing reveal of auntie and gramps.

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Nice work. :D

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Yeah, that's a ringtone.

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I'm into it.

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This is awesome.

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Haha, brilliant. 
I still have never seen a can of pussy :( Does it matter I'm in the north? O.o 
Also I'm backing whoever said pussy definitely means vajaja here too.

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This is beautiful.

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That was great!

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Vinny got mad flow!

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That was awesome!

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That was amazing. Reminded me of Rammstein.
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I hear this is going to be the encore on Last Night of the Proms this year.

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@AlKusanagi said:

Vinny got mad flow!

I read that as 'Vagina got mad flow!"