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I just picked up the blu-ray and noticed something peculiar.

I understand that parts of the production were filmed using an imax camera and exceed the normal letterbox aspect limits. As I never watched the film on imax, I am guessing some people might already be used to the transitions.

I was just wondering if it bothered anyone else who purchased the film?

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I thought it was stupid, it worked in the Dark Knight because only a few action scenes used it. In Dark Knight Rises, there are scenes when it keeps switching between aspect ratios way too fast and it pulls you out of the movie. Really made the Blu Ray unwatchable for me, wish their was a option to turn it off.

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It is the same with the Dark Knight. Never bothered me with that film and it likely won't with this one.

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What Bourbon_Warrior says. When used for long extended action shot it looks incredible but when it starts switching back and forth between the 2 different ratio in rapid succession it's terrible. I generally liked the IMAX shot in TDK better than in TDKR.

Also i don't get the use of IMAX for interior shots. It's at its best when used for wide camera angles in exterior shots.

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I got it for DVD. #RetroSwag

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I liked it. Did notice it but I tend to notice this shit like you guys more than others so I doubt they were concerned about it. BUt the full screen parts looked gorgeous and wish the whole movie would have been like that.

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I heard about it just after watching it and I never noticed it.

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@TheHBK said:

I liked it. Did notice it but I tend to notice this shit like you guys more than others so I doubt they were concerned about it. BUt the full screen parts looked gorgeous and wish the whole movie would have been like that.

I would of much preferred this. I don't like letterbox on a 16:9 screen fill the whole thing up. One scene that really stood out was a certain scene with Batman and Catwoman were it kept switching between ratios for cuts that would last only a few seconds.

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The reason generally accepted for not filming the entire movie in faptastic IMAX is that it's too grainy to be used all the time; especially for the mellower 'talkie' scenes. I get used to it really quickly, so I can sacrifice ratio for a more beautiful looking movie. The only time it sticks out to me is the scene in which Batman/Catwoman arrive at Bane’s HQ in the sewers.

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@Humphreys: @Bourbon_Warrior: It really started for me during the scene with Michael Caine talking to Bale in the Batcave.

His vacation scene and parts of the conversation were in imax resolution.

it just kept distracting me.

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I didn't really notice the switch until like the third viewing.

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It happened constantly in the cinema where I saw it, and I thought it was pretty unacceptable. Stick to your chosen ratio, Nolan.

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It was a little weird at times, yeah, but The Imax just looked so damned cool when he used it properly that it almost didn't matter. I could see it being a bigger problem on a smaller screen though.

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70mm Imax film looks amazing, and color really shines on that particular film. It is also very costly to processes, and I also don't understand the decisions for certain scenes to use it, but overall it didn't bother me. One thing to keep in mind though: when 4k televisions come out, and this TDKR is re-release for that format, those scenes are going to look awesome.

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I didn't notice this in the theaters - also didn't watch it in imax, so I don't know if this matters. So there are scenes on the bluray where it switches from letterbox to fullscreen?

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It didn't bother me in TDK, and I was fine with it when I watched it in IMAX. I just got my copy in the mail today, though. So, tonight I'll find it if it will bother me.

Does anyone know if it's just the way Nolan wanted it, or is it some kind of technical hurdle they haven't figured out yet in transferring the film?

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@firecracker22: It's intentional for the IMAX theater experience.

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The story is that the cameras are super loud. So scenes with a lot if emotion Nolan likes to use the on set dialogue and stay away from ADR.

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There are some scenes where the switch is pretty noticeable, but for me it's nothing to complain about. The shots in IMAX are just gorgeous.

Nolan said he would've filmed the whole thing in IMAX, but the cameras are pretty loud, so the dialogue scenes would've been difficult to do without rerecording in post-production.

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It stands out to me a bit more in this one than TDK due to more quick cuts but it doesn't really bother me.

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I didn't finish watching it last night but I did today. I must admit, the scene where the gate slams on Bruce before he fights Bane is insane when you notice the film transitions from letter box to imax.

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My VHS version is fine.

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I don't even notice it, which is a bit of a double-edge sword. I don't find the change in aspect ratio annoying, but I don't get the benefit of noticing the IMAX scenes.

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I probably wont notice it.....  I didnt notice anything during the movie

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I keep getting this glitchy visual bug where Batman keeps bending in half about an hour of the way into the movie. Super weird.