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Very Very dumb premise but man i love the over the top dumb I'd watch it. It's in kickstarter but its already funded 1 day in. Not trying to pimp their shit, the trailer must been seen by all its so dumb.

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Yeah, that was pretty dumb. I can't see the point in a full length film as many premises like this do better in short 5-10 minute doses. A perfect example was when Aqua Teen Hunger Force decided to make a full movie. Glad they found enough people to give them money .

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I am thinking about taking up that offer for 3d artist to work on this movie....

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That was dumb. So dumb.

And I couldn't help but love every god damn second of it

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So the movie has hit 300,000 bucks and they are going to release the first 30 minutes free online.

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That trailer is telling me three things;

  1. What the fuck is up with this whole satire 80s VHS revival that's going over all sorts of media and entertainment this year?
  2. I am looking at too many bodybuilding articles when I recognize who's playing Thor just by the beard and physique.
  3. It looks like a big string of bad internet jokes in one movie.

The fact that they're Swedish is fun, as the Swedish film institue tend to fund pretty shitty projects in general. And as someone that knows people in the know, getting a project that's out of the ordinary romcom or crime drama category off the ground is near impossible by the sound of it. Glad they're finding other avenues for funding. All that said, it looks pretty great.

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It looks decent enough for a viewing. It does look very dumb but in a good way.

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Totally ridiculous and awesome, so it's a cross between Back to the Future, Sleeping Dogs, and Far Cry Blood Dragon? Sold!

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that is the best thing ever

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Nothing is more fun/dumb than Kung Fu Hustle.

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That was funny, but I feel like the trailer should be a sufficient enough joke. I think if you stretch it out to 90+ minutes, it might lose its appeal.

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Seems legit.

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Fucking. Awesome. Holy keyboard, if you read my description for FC3: Blood Dragon & Hotline Miami on my GOTY list, you'll see that I said I love 80's stuff and this. This is just YES.

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I clicked on it expecting it to be the usual dumb bullshit and found it to be genuinely funny. Dunno if it would stretch to a whole movie though.