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so 12/21/2012 is coming (or the end of the 13th B'ak'tun if you're mayan and/or know your shit), which we all know is the end of the world/a positive spiritual awakening (if you are a new age hippie) because an ancient civilization said so (except it didn't because they have dates past it, like 4772, but WHO CARES THAT'S NOT GOING TO SELL SHIT), so I was wondering what y'all were going to do on that date.

I am probably going to conquer the world as the aztecs in Civ 5 (are the incas closer? I have that too), or have the aztecs invade all of Europe in CK2, because no one actually cares about the Mayans except for this silly end of the world shit, so I have to go to the closest pre columbian civilization <_<

edit; if you actually believe the world is ending then I will mock you mercilessly, be warned.

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I'm going to write everyone I know a long letter, to let them know how disgusted I am by their presence in my life, and how their untimely deaths will make my own less tragic.

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I'll have sex like there's no tomorrow.

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Dunno, take care of my baby, beat Far Cry 3 or get started on Sleeping Dogs, cook dinner, go to sleep early cuz I have work at 5:00AM the next day?

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@StarvingGamer said:

Dunno, take care of my baby, beat Far Cry 3 or get started on Sleeping Dogs, cook dinner, go to sleep early cuz I have work at 5:00AM the next day?


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Probably play some videogames and watch some anime.

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study....I have finals.

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I'm going to a huge party on the 20th at my school (Not an End of The World party though) and alcohol stupendously cheap, so if the world doesn't end by midnight Danish time, I'll spend the last day on earth hungover. Yay.

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I'm going to do exactly what I did the last time "the world was ending" - absolutely nothing. If it's really gonna end, let it end already.

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Uh... dunno that is a friday so I'll most likely end up listening to all my podcasts that come out while playing halo and drinking coffee then I'll pass out and not give any fucks.

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I had all this awesome shit planned out and then realized the end of the world happened years ago because the mayan calendar didn't account for leap years.

Now my party is ruined :(

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Watch for news of the crazies who believe the world is going to end.

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@Morbid_Coffee said:

I had all this awesome shit planned out and then realized the end of the world happened years ago because the mayan calendar didn't account for leap years.

Now my party is ruined :(

it doesn't? hahaha, this is hilarious (though totally logical now that I think about it).

but that shouldn't stop you! there'll be enough dumb ass people who actually think it's ending so GO CRAZY

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Take a ton of viagra and have sex until my penis falls off.

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My finance department is throwing a holiday party.  So I'm gonna eat a big ass steak with co workers.

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the same way i spend most Friday nights: playing video games in my apartment while listening to old Bombcasts.

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I'll be studying as usual. Hopefully there will be no pain when death comes for me.

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i'm going to feel fine

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If it ends early in the day, I guess my celebration will be taking my last final of the semester in the afternoon. If it ends later in the night I guess I'll probably be that level of drunk where you just talk about how much you love everyone, and then 10 minutes later get pissed at nothing, then return to the former.

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@LiquidS: I didn't know you could drink rape.

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all this talk about the end of the world only reminds me of the Parks & Rec episode about it

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There's a bar not far from where I live called "the last bar before the end of the world". I know where I'll be next friday.

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Pillage, Kill, Burn. Then probably take a nap or something.

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play some games?

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Like my ancestors the vikings (I actually have no idea if my ancestry goes that far back) I'll be rapin' and pillagn' til the end.

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Climb to the top of a hill, dig a small hole and ejaculate into it over and over again, laughing as the world falls apart below me.

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Have a countdown party with my friends and play video games and eat lots of junk food, maybe burn a bit. So pretty much every friday night except we have an excuse.

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@Cloudenvy said:

Probably play some videogames and watch some anime.


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It's Friday so it would only be fitting to listen to Friday on an endless loop.

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Urgh, I still cringe my tight little asshole inside out at the thought that this has even become a thing. Even a funny thing that people are treating as a thing.



Also, astronomy.

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Play games, eat dinner, sleep. Shrug indifferently.

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SInce its the last day of school for me, Im just going to pretend like it actually is the end of the world and just party hard

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@Fattony12000: it's still a time for celebration, though, from what wikipedia told me the mayans thought about it SO MY TOPIC IS STILL RELEVANT D:

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ummm sleep late, play video games, complain about how bored i am, take a nap, and reply to forum topics, anxiously await till 12/22/12 at 12:00:01 AM to make fun of all of the people who said the world was going to end.

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Business as usual.

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Probably play some more Sleeping Dogs and Persona 3. I'd like to die happy.

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Grade exams and final papers.

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Cry about all the things I could've been, all the skills I could've learned, all the things I could've given to this world.

Fuck alcohol and fake love. It's about the dream.

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Christmas shopping, since i'm broke as fuck and don't get paid until the day before the end!

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@TrafalgarLaw said:



(I literally said this in the first post)

(but hey reading is hard I get it)

also even if you didn't read the OP the quotation marks clearly demarcated that I thought it was dumb

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I shall be on a plane.

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@Animasta: I'm pissed they keep finding this stuff. I'd much rather have "the end" come and go, and be done with it.

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Play games, watch youtube and netflix, listen to music, take a nap, maybe go out for a bit if my sister can drive me.

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Try and have a party. Probably end in a massive orgy.

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I am going to touch as many shoulders as I can from now until the end.

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I'm going to an end of the world bonfire party at a friend's house.

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Well, I'm starting the day by taking my last final of the semester. Then work til 5:00. Then a LAN party afterwards.