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I like this thread and I felt the only way to revive it was to contribute. I'm the one without boobs.

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Picture is a year old, no longer have the longer hair.  Not much else has changed.

 Winter storm from last year w/mother-in-law
 Me and Loki, the cat that's always on me (see profile pic).
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Decided to post another one since the thread got bumped + my hair is now short...REALLY short. 

This is what happens when you're getting ready to go out on New Years and decide to take an arbitrary, bathroom camera phone pic before getting fucked up.
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This one is from a few years ago; I actually don't have too many pictures of myself where you can see my face that I'm not embarrassed of :-P 
Also, I'm rocking a John Boehner caliber tan here. 
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oh hey