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Greetings Giant Bomb Community,
I have been coming to this site for a few now, following as many facets of it as I could, from the twitter accounts of the fabled "Top Men" to the highlights that the GiantBombSquad twitter account throws out.
From the long and short of it, I love Giant Bomb.
I've always known there was a great user community backing this site up, and I'd see it reflected in the rousing turn outs for all the live events. I've had no small amount of fun watching the chats wiz by too.
And so, I've decided to give back to the brilliant people that keep this site up and running.
Welcome to the Fantastic Robot (print) Giveaway.
A few months ago, I ordered some really cool Mega Man prints from the fine folks over at The Daily Robot
Unfortunately, there was a bit of a shipping SNAFU and the original shipment never made it to me.
However, Miles Donovan, the amazingly cool artist he is sent me another batch, incl uding a bunch of free stuff to make up for my trouble.
He sent me 5 total prints, the three mega man ones I ordered originally, an extra mega man print that I gave as a christmas present, and finally the reason I am here today, a retro styled robot toy print.
Below you will see all 5  

  There they are, held down by the heaviest things I could find in my room.
So today, I am giving som eone the chance to win the robot on the far left. He is held in find 11x17 measurements.

There it is in full.
 All you have to do is guess a game.
My favorite game.
More specifically, my favorite RPG that was released on the Sony Playstation.
The first person to guess the game gets the poster. Easy as that.
Have at it.
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My guess is Grandia.

And props for Bukowski! ^^

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Final Fantasy Fucking VII.

Parasite Motherfucking Eve (is this even an RPG?)

I give up.

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Megaman Legends 2

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No winners yet. Keep on trying. 

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Ah well, I suppose do to lack of interest ( I figure no one really liked the print, which is alright) that I will call this off.
What about the irony that Jeff actually mentioned the game on this weeks Bombcast?
One of the games I got with my PS for christmas in '97: Suikoden

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Vagrant story?

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I just gave the answer, brophylactic .
A character of which inspired my moniker here and my very first email address.