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And the fans fucking HATE it. I don't even really listen to Metallica anymore, but they're one of the few metal bands I still look into when they put out new shit. Metallica fans can be the most ignorant and reality-blind fans you'll ever argue with, sure, but they'll defend their band to the death. As I read reactions to the single on Facebook and Youtube the response was overwhelmingly negative. I'll even say that I really didn't like it when I first heard it. I still don't really like it.

I think a lot of fans expected a full-on Metallica album with some guest vocals, which is where a lot of the disappointment probably came from. Still, it really doesn't flow well as a song and sounds like an overly-long skit that a bad metal band would put in between tracks on their album. I'll still listen to the full album when it comes out, but Reed's style of singing just doesn't appeal to me. Motherfucker doesn't even sing, he just talks passionately like a preacher.

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@Everyones_A_Critic: I think that is what Christopher Walken would sound like when singing.
To clarify, I didn't think it was very good.
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This isn't Lou Reed's first attempt at trolling people. See 1975's Metal Machine Music.

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I have to put up a good song to off set the bad one.
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Wow. Who thought this was a good idea to let these guys into the studio together? That is just... surreal and terrible.

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I heard this the other day. Its still shit.

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Metallica is gonna sue everyone that listens to this for free

btw. Still sounds like a typical shitty metalica song.

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lou reed sounds so old these days

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Fuck. That was fucking atrocious.

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Utter shit.

I'll stick with Whiskey In the Jar thank you

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When was the last time Lou Reed was good? 1993?

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he was good on plastic beach

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You guys should look at the album cover for this piece of shit, it's terrible.

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Lou Reed thought he was joining the B-52s.

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I like Metallica, but fuck that was terrible.
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@DemiGodRaven said:

I'll admit I laughed.

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I'm primarily a metal fan but enjoy other genres. I have remained open minded and have actually looked forward to this. After hearing a few samples I remained open minded. Now that I've heard this song and a few longer clips... I just can't understand why these guys didn't stop and go "Lou, this is not going to work". I can't wait to hear how they shovel shit to save face on this. Hell I like St. Anger and thought Death Magnetic was great(except for the last song), but now I'm no longer open minded on this album. I've heard spoken word shit and some spoken word performers I actually like (like Kory Clark of Warrior Soul fame, now with sludge metal band Trouble). The music doesn't fit what Lou is saying....

Ok you guys win.


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That was a joke song right? Where am I?

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@Afroman269 said:

That was a joke song right? Where am I?

That's what I keep telling myself. But I don't really believe it.

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The vocals are bad enough but the generic and bland backing music is almost as bad.

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Sorry, Lou Reed is a senior citizen. . .

All the members of Metallica are close to being senior citizens. . .

I'm not saying the elderly can't make good music.

But damn, they need to stop.

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Metallica help out Lou Reed. Lou Reed made a bad song. Metallica helped. Why would Metallica fans genuinely care about this?

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@JerichoBlyth: Metallica has fans?

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@dirkfunk said:

Sorry, Lou Reed is a senior citizen. . .

All the members of Metallica are close to being senior citizens. . .

I'm not saying the elderly can't make good music.

But damn, they need to stop.

Lots of old bands are still good. Megadeth, Iron Maiden. Metallica has just sucked for a while now.

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@sesquipedalophobe said:

@JerichoBlyth: Metallica has fans?

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Whoa man, that song makes me feel tired.

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