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Brad has mentioned a few times on the bombcast, but I think Jeff is greatly underestimating how many bad decisions the Sheetz system facilitates. Since I'm not speaking my order aloud, and the touchscreen interface allows incredible customization I don't have to worry about the workers screwing up my order AND the people around me don't know how badly I'm treating myself!

The approach:

note the Walking Taco, another day perhaps.

The Order:

A bacon english muffin, with double bacon, double egg, pepperoni and double cheese.

The End?

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Sheetz is also pretty great at treating people like subhuman shit balls, which makes the whole experience of buying a pretzel and chicken sandwich even better.

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What the hell is Sheetz?

Edit: Oh just some foodchain, okay

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At least I can buy my foot-long sub with a side of chili mac & cheese and shame and walk away with nobody giving a shit because their lives are just as pathetic. It's beautifully tragic.

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I have literally never heard of Sheetz. Is it regional?

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@ajamafalous: East coast, above the Carolinas IIRC.

Sheetz is great for late-night food runs. Pretty much anything you would want you can get.

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@ajamafalous: Might be. We're lousy with them here in the North Carolina/Virginia area.

@abendlaender: It's a 24 hour gas station chain with a "restaurant" in it.

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I love the touch screen, since I have a weirdly specific and complicated sub that I like from them. (half meatball with banana peppers, cheese, lettuce, and pickles. Other half pepperoni, double meat, with jalapeno, lettuce, pickles, hot sauce, and olives.) It sounds horrifying, but it's incredible, and would be a pain to recite every time.

Also, they have the best gas-station-fare coffee.

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Oh god...they have burgerz, because Sheetz...get it?

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Yeah, I'm PA so I have plenty of them by me. If you want to see the epitome of just shit that is awful for you they have deep fried mac & cheese bites. I literally feel my life force draining every time I eat them but god damn man they are so awfully delicious.

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When I visit friends in Winston-Salem, they have them, but I don't think it has penetrated the Charlotte market yet.

Whenever I drive by it I always think of this, for some reason, even though it's a stretch. My friends haven't seen the show so they don't know what I'm talking about. Also, I need better friends.

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wake- NNNNNN - bacon?
I've never heard of Sheetz but fuck that place.

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I just moved to the Lancaster, PA area about 8 months ago and all i know is whatever Sheetz is doing i want a piece. The parking lots are packed all the time and if you are not getting gas, people are in line buying food. The prices are so cheap and with limited fast food(at least where i am located) they have the mkt cornered. I actually havent tried the kitchen, but the coffee is pretty good.

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Out of context, this post seems like an art piece.


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The Wake 'n' Bacon: fast foods continued attempt to go after the stoner crowd.

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And here I thought "sheetz" was a clever way of saying shits, and this thread was relating to the stomach bug that is going about. But I suppose if that were the case, it would have been censored to "puppies" by now.

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I feel I should call the phone number on that receipt and alert the proprietor they've misspelled hashed browns.