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Hey duders and dudettes
Jennacide  and my self Evildeadron have launched our new podcast, we would really appreciate it if you gave us a listen and if you like subscribe on iTunes

we have some prizes to give away, and hope we can maybe make you laugh a bit

Cheers! and Enjoy.

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Podcast you say? Sure, I'll give it a try.

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@evildeadron:  For a second there I thought you said you had pizza to give away.   I got excited.
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Awesome! I will subscribe to you guys.

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Gogogogo Groovy Gamer!

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thanks guys, we appreciate it

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today we released a bonus track on iTunes of outtakes from epsiode 1, a bad case of the giggles is hard to overcome

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I'm a fan of girls!

Wait, fangirl? What?