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Post something that makes you happy.

Forum Rules: Nothing Depressing, no fighting, no snobbery.

Mine's this song: Sublime music, from one of the all-time greats, the Talking Heads.

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Does this thread count as spam?

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Glory days of Whiskey Media

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Not sure how to post feeling self-important on the Internet in here.

Also, new iPad, girlfriend, generally good lifestyle, funny pets, yadayada.

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This is what makes me happy. Also, he's a boy. The pink bow-tie collar was all we had when he lost his last one. And yes, he's sitting on my extra cutting board under the island next to a mixing bowl and my basket of potatos.

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God knows we need a thread like this after everything that's been happening, cause change.

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Playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer as a krogan and only using melee.

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Just... everything about it. I love it. The whole damn thing is just plain fun to watch.

Other things that make me happy: Saints Row the Third, playing co-op video games with friends, getting something I wasn't expecting, and a good night's sleep.

...boy, I never realized how much of a selfish bastard I can be. Ah, well, on with life!

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@believer258: I need to watch this. Working my way through Death Note right now, pretty damn good.

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The beautiful weather outside in my area! Plus Rhythm Heaven Fever.

: Awesome song!

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@astrodoggy said:

@believer258: I need to watch this. Working my way through Death Note right now, pretty damn good.

A word of warning that I feel I must give everyone who says they might watch it: The first episode is going to make no sense. At all. The story is told nonlinearly, so a lot of the events at the end and the beginning are hinted at in the beginning. Trust me, stick with it.

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These always make me happy:

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I've already posted this all over the place, but one more time won't hurt anybody. :D

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While I'm all for upbeat, happy topics, especially as of late, we tend to lock threads like these because they encourage too many low-content, post-increasing type of spammy responses rather than actual discussion. That includes last week's thread, as well.

...and yes, I feel like a real jerk for closing this thread. As I should, right? Terribly sorry about that.