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Sorry if this has already been posted but I tried the search and couldn't find anything, though I presume it must have been discussed somewhere. Has anyone seen The Impossible? I went to watch it last weekend and honestly walked out feeling so underwhelmed and frustrated. I'd heard it was going to be so powerful and moving and it was, in parts; the performances were fantastic and the directing was visceral and brave at times, but I thought the script was pretty awful (in order to show that a character is usually brave and now he's a bit scared he literally says something like 'I'm usually brave but now I'm scared').

Also, although I know the whole selling point revolves around it being a true story, I really thought reliance on this handicapped its ability to tell a structured cinematic narrative arc (nowhere am I usually more acutely aware of how cinema differs to reality in a 'true story' movie) and I felt unfulfilled by the ending. Is that just me being a bit heartless? It's an incredible story, I just feel that doesn't necessarily mean it'd make an incredible film as for me, it fell a bit short.