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Hello all,

I'm looking for a little bit of advice. I can get a little cheeky deal on some Jambox speakers... but I'm a little torn. Do I go for the Big one, or the little one?

While the big one has a louder and better sound, it's not as portable as the little one. But, I already have a AV Receiver with a USB port for dedicated music listening, so I'd really only use it for other audio things - Podcasts around the house, maybe game playing, etc. (I'm using an iPhone, by the way), so part of me is going toward the little one for the sheer portability factor.

Butttt at the same time, they seem keen to update the firmware of their products, and going for the little one now might run the risk of being phased out. And if I hate them altogether, I could sell them for an alright price, right?

Does anyone have any experience with these Jambox things at all - Do you rate them?

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UPDATE - I got a little one, and it's great.

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Well shit.. I'd say go for the big but as long as your happy with your purchase!

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I got the little one before I went on tour so took it along. It's great to have knocking around the hotel

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ive been tempted to get one but the thing is so tiny its like the size of a soda can. does it actually sound loud and clear? usually small speakers sound loud and tinny if you know what i mean.

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Those things are nice.

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- the little one can get a surprising amount of bass out of it. I managed to get a reallll good deal through work so it was a bit more of an easy sell. It's not obviously as good as a full expensive Hi-Fi but it's much better than laptop speakers. I'm actually listening to my Big Jambox right now - It's much louder than the little one, but the little one is real good for just putting on in the background.

If you wanna rock that party then go big.

Also the LiveAudio tech is real nice. You need to listen to tracks specially mixed for it, and some people have made Spotify playlists for some tracks. It's really nuts.