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 2 pictures of Stalin?
Samuel Cooke ( pepsicolaboy), Charles Alan Ratliff ( Vito_Raliffe), Eric Shepard ( aurahack), Pop Popovic ( myself) cooled their intense hatred of technology and the internet in order to record the third episode of The Luchazine. Join us as we talk about how Mario might be evil, the chatroulette of Xbox, the future of open-world games, Quake 1 & 3, more Starcraft II, S-linking with little children in playgrounds, Scott Pilgrim. Phoenix Wright musicals, Sam's hatred of grapes, grieving other players in competitive multiplayer, Homeworld 2 and much more! We even answer some listener questions. Feel free to send  us a bazillion more questions to theluchazine[at]gmail[dot]com or simply post in this thread. You can also hit us up on our Facebook page if that's your thing.
You can check out the podcast on iTunes or have yourself a direct download (right click, save as), or even use the conveniently placed player below:
P.S. Does anyone know why the heck our arist name is "unknown" on iTunes? We use Ourmedia for the RSS, and I'm fairly certain all fields have been filled out correctly over on that end.
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Awesoooome! I had a lot of fun recording this! 
Now to listen to it and see if it is actually good.

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Oh wow I must of missed this when the topic was made. Anyways, time to unleash the Lucha.

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I just finished listening to this. I can honestly say, without any bias, that this is an excellent episode! Everyone should totally listen to it.

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Don't listen to Vito, The Luchacast sucks ass. It is garbage.
@Vito_Raliffe:  In all seriousness though, it was great to have you on!
@Interfect: Hope you enjoy it! We like all your questions. And you. Very much. Vito will find out where you live.

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@GoranP said:
" Don't listen to Vito, The Luchacast sucks ass. It is garbage.
@Vito_Raliffe:  In all seriousness though, it was great to have you on!
@Interfect: Hope you enjoy it! We like all your questions. And you. Very much. Vito will find out where you live. "
I feel so cool for having the first iTunes review for the podcast in my region.. Perhaps I should give a hint.
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Almost done listening to this one myself.  Overall I feel like you guys have it on track now.
I can't agree with all you discuss but Metal Gear Acid could use more respect.  We need more unique, quirky games like that.
I noticed what sound pops you have are low pitched.  Did that just happen by accident, or was some sound altering involved?  If some sound altering was involved, how'd you do it?
But yea, overall it's a bit crazy and the pacing is a bit too back and forth for my personal liking.  That's just down to personal taste, though.

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@Interfect: Anything less than 6 stars ends in murder!
@Diamond: What do you mean by sound pops?
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@GoranP:  It's the stuff you get when someone breathes into the mic, like ZombiePie does in our latest BonusEXP podcast (seriously, it's actually a great example).
The result can be annoying, but in this Luchacast the frequency of the pops is low enough that it's not irritating.
It's what people buy pop screens for.
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@Diamond:  Oooooh popping, I thought you were referring to the little affected news bits. We just record on  Rock Band quality (or above) mics so it turns out alright. In post I don't usually touch the voices apart from volume levels rarely.
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@GoranP:  Then my review is now a problem between you and Apple.
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@Diamond: I should have told you guys that my good mic died and I was using a cheap alternative for your podcast. Sorry about that.
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@ZombiePie:  It's OK, we don't expect our guests to spend money out the wazoo just for our cast.  I'm still using a cheap Logitech headset that gets too much popping sometimes too.
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@Diamond: Goran's interview of me had no popping on my part. So whatever some things don't pan out the way you would hope.
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Fun fact: the original Mario is viewed as the greatest King of the Mushroom Kingdom. If you're looking for Stalin-esque, go forward a few generations, or hell, even the Tyrant King Bowser.

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Listening to it right now. Shit's good. Real good.
T'shame the long conversation we had at the end will most likely not be at the end.

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@aurahack: Are you insane? Do you remember all the stuff we said? It's a good thing that crap isn't at the end! :P
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@Vito_Raliffe: Dude, I lizzed myself with all that stuff. Mad funny. But you're right. XD
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@aurahack: You should coerce Goran into giving you the original audio file... 
...and then send it to me! 
Oh, and for those of you who liked this episode of The Luchacast, you may also enjoy voting for it on GameGrep
And now, for the most important question of all for Giant Bomb users: What's your favorite fruit? Grapes? Those are pretty good, right? 
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Also, who the hell made that theme music? It's sexy.

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Nice podcast i think ill start listening weekly or whenever.

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Goran if you keep putting new people on eventually I'm going to start thinking that everyone on staff is a real person and I won't be able to say mean things about them without feeling guilt.

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@Video_Game_King:  The more you know!
@Vito_Raliffe: This how leaks happen. No thank you :D
@aurahack: A producer friend of mine. Its actually one of the songs that's going to be featured in our littke iPhone game, NN Revolution. Shameless plug. Sorry.  
@scarace360:  Nice! Always appreciate a new listener. 
@LordXavierBritish:  We are just human-like androids.
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What was that Goran? in NN Revolution
Shameless plugs ftw!
Either way: Can't wait to hear this one. They're getting better as they go along. [Yes, all 2 of them so far =D]