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#1 Posted by Fattony12000 (7564 posts) -

Stolen from here.

1. Go to http://www.speedtest.net.

2. Pick a server that is 50 miles away.


4. Either download the image provided and upload it here, or hotlink that shit from the speedtest site.

5. Rate your ISP.


I said goodbye to standard ass ADSL broadband today (9 Mbps down/0.95 Mbps up). And with the transition to wonderful fibre to cabinet speeds, I'm also bidding farewell to bloody microfilters, I still remember cracking open my first one when my family upgraded from dial up.


#2 Posted by Fredddi43 (358 posts) -

Man I remember going from 1 Mb/s to 8 and then to 16, and I still think that's fast. Nowadays that's a C and you can get 90 Mb/s in bigger cities no worries. I wish they would put some of that gold in our street.

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(btw, I'm pretty sure that my ping is so high because my brother likes to torrent a bunch of shit, other wise I'm pretty sure its around the 20's)

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I like Verizon FiOS. It isn't overly expensive, and most downloads are a snap. My hardware generally slows things down more than my Internet. I'd highly recommend it to anyone in the US.

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Been having lots of issues with Virgin Media though... when it works it's great.

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Something must have been working in the background, downlink's a bit slow.

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Although these threads usually end up with someone posting the 'crazy' speeds offered by their workplace or place of higher education.

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Or just swedes. Swedish internet speeds are just plain unfair.

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Stockholm was closer. Changing my results.

#10 Posted by makari (600 posts) -

Australian internet, bitches.

#11 Posted by Optix12 (625 posts) -

Not sure if that's average or not but I do know my Steam or any other download resource will cap at Mb/s over this value here.

#12 Posted by RawknRo11a (568 posts) -

not bad, and this was while watching Netflix...

#13 Posted by _Chad (960 posts) -

It gets the job done. It's usually around 12 Mb/s but I'm pretty sure someone is watching Netflix and I'm downloading a game.

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WaveCable. Best internet you can get until you hit up seattle sadly.

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Isnt the best...but im not paying for the best, this speed suits me well

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This might not seem much, but I am super satisfied with my ISP. I have been in the UK for 9 years now and I have used BT, AOL, Talktalk, NTL, Virgin Media, O2, Tiscali and with the exception of NTL (which does not exist anymore) all of them were unreliable and had a ridiculous amount of excuses for you to cap your speed. You see most ISPs here are super cool to give you a fast connection as long as you dont use it to download stuff during peak times, and most of the time peak times start at midday and end at 11 oclock at night. So if you have the audacity to use the service you pay for then your speeds are cut down by 25-75%. BE never let me down so far and despite the fact that I download a metric fuckton of stuff at all times of day, and they never capped me so far ever.

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I wish people would stop calling any thread "official" unless it is sanctioned by the site.

Anyway here my results:

I wish I could have a faster option here. Internet is the only subscription service I use. Quit cable TV and "standard" land phone line 4 years ago.

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Feels good. LOWEST PING!

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@Iron_Tool said:

I wish people would stop calling any thread "official" unless it is sanctioned by the site.

I'm calling every single thread that I ever create from now on, "official". In this particular case, all I did was copy and paste the title from "2011's" "Official" "Census" "Thread".

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Swede on wireless. And I just realized it says 450 miles but whatever. Sweden don't care.

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Thankfully, I'm just here for the holidays.

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Whoops, 200 miles away, but whatever! This is on a mobile broadband, since me and my girlfriend don't want to commit to anything 'serious' until we've moved to a new apartment. Doesn't come near the speeds I had when I lived in a college dorm though. :(

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Best I can get where I live. In the UK if you don't live in a city you are f'd!

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Please enjoy my awful internet.

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My internet was down for like 18 hours due to some big technical issue and my router is cranky so I'm not at optimal speeds.  

On the plus side of things, they cut the price of the 100/100 fiberoptic deal to 279 SEK (25% tax included in that price). Not the best I can get though, they've got a gigabit option ready to use. If you happen to move to Sweden for one reason or another, make sure you get a place with "stadsnät".
#28 Posted by ZeForgotten (10397 posts) -

No servers in a 50 mile radius. 
Best I could do was 103 miles away, is that good enough? 
Was downloading a few games on steam while running it so no clue how much of an impact that did, probably not a whole lot though the upload is usually around the 30s as well.

#29 Posted by ansys (62 posts) -

Using Wifi.

#30 Posted by Daiphyer (1352 posts) -

All these 20+ download speeds are making me really sad.

I did not expect that upload speed, at all. And hey, I get unlimited bandwidth. That's alright.

#31 Posted by Joru (311 posts) -

At home, no complaints really. Lithuanian internet is pretty damn good. The effect is reduced under normal browsing though, since a lot of servers are in the US and the trip is quite long.

#32 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5154 posts) -

No, this is dumb and has been done many times before. I don't care what size your epenis is.

#33 Posted by Fattony12000 (7564 posts) -

@Zooey74 said:

Best I can get where I live. In the UK if you don't live in a city you are f'd!

I'm about 11 miles away from my nearest city, and I get pretty good speeds. Even though I've been on normal ADSL these past few years, it was still about double what you posted. Are you really far out in the sticks? The fact you've selected a Norwich server that's about 150 miles away seems bad to me!

@Mr_Skeleton said:

No, this is dumb and has been done many times before. I don't care what size your epenis is.

You're right, I should have saved this for http://seaserpent.giantbomb.com.

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I'm not showing you my epenis on the Internet!!

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I lose about 10 Mb/s download speed cause I am on wifi, it'd be quicker if I was downstairs.

#37 Posted by gla55jAw (2696 posts) -

Should probably switch to FiOS.

#38 Posted by Zooey74 (53 posts) -

@Fattony12000: I live 10 miles outside Norwich in the center of a town with around 20,000 people and bang on the main road out of the region so not really the sticks.

No idea why it thinks the Norwich server is 150miles - If I try the London one it says 200 miles. Perhaps it thinks I'm in the sea.

A government grant has just been given to the region to try and sort out rural internet speeds as the current infrastructure seems to run on paper cups and string.

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Dang, you guys have some pretty good internet. Mine's not Google 1gbps but it is pretty nice.

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Now the only reason I have this dsl speed cause we signed up with bell along time ago and I still have unlimited bandwidth, only problem it cost $80! i need to switch to a smaller provider next year!

(EDIT:Anyone know a good one in the GTA??)

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its pretty good, the only downside is the 130gb download cap per month.

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Honestly? Better than I expected! Using wi-fi.

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College internet!

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Not bad for a small village in the middle of Kent. This is on my laptop it's a bit faster from my PC

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Not too shabby for the centre of Brighton, no download limits either!

#50 Posted by rabbithearted (105 posts) -

I don't know what any of this means, except that it's still better than my college's Internet which ranges from "unable to connect to the Internet" to "dial-up is faster."