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Since lots of the giant bomb users use twitter, I figured I'd create a forum thread to help everyone to find people from giant bomb (or even just random people of interest)

What is twitter 

If you don't know what twitter is, you must be new to this internet thing. This is twitter, and it does a pretty good job of explaining itself.

Twitter Accounts

Here are the twitter accounts you might want to follow:


Jeff - jeffgerstmann
Ryan - Taswell
Brad - bradshoemaker
Vinny - VinnyCaravella
Dave Snider (snide) - enemykite
Gman - GManFromHeck
Andy McCurdy - andymccurdy
Ethan - red_lamp
Shelby Bonnie - shelbybonnie

Whiskey Media Sites

Giant Bomb - giantbomb
Comic Vine - ComicVine
Anime Vice - animevice

Giant Bomb Users

MattyFTM - MattyFTM
Brukaoru - brukaoru
Jensonb - Jensonb
Systech - Systech
LordAndrew - LordAndrew
Albedos_shadow - albedos_shadow
TokyoChicken - TokyoChicken
Thordain - Thordainhammer
Death_Burnout - Death_Burnout
Yit - Yit
Carlos - PerfectSpade
lordofultima - LordofUltima
SpikeDelight - SpikeDelight
SteemInKline - steepinkline
Foil1212 - Foil1212
AspiringAndy - AspiringAndy
TheBeast - tom_usher
Hamz - Hamzini
TheGamerGeek - TheGamerGeek
Kush - Kush3
Karmum - Karmum
Manachild - manachild
SuperMooseman - SuperMooseman
Ravey - RaveyGB
erinfizz - erinfizz
super_machine - bitwarrior
Daz0608 - DazC91
FLStyle - FLStyle
artofwar420 - WarofArt
RHCPfan24 - RHCPfan24
JoblessTerence - JoblessTerence
Discorsi - paulwallrivera
BananaKid - BananaKid
Miniman - MinimanUK
PenguinZell - PenguinZell
PartTimeNinja - PartTimeNinja09
floorswine - floorswine
JackiJinx - JackiJinkx
natetodamax - natetodamax
Metal_Gear_Sunny - MetalGearSunny
Disgaeamad - Disgaeamad
evadwolrab - evadwolrab
Marzy - Marzy_N63cast
TomA - TomA42
Dauragon - dauragon
dsplayer1010 - shubdleedsblue10
PowerSerj - PowerSerj
woknroll - rollandwok
Black_Rose - Rosie_Kun
SinGulaR - SinGulaR2
Snail - HolySnail
uskomaton - tnkhnn
damswedon - damswedon
Tylea002 - Tylea002
WallaceTheGreat -OfMenAndGromits
RandomHero666 - RHGB
osmonaut - osmonaut
0kAmui0 - 0kAmui0
AaronReynolds - Aar0nReyn0lds
Predasus - predasus
mordexaix7 - mordexaix7
ferrarimanf355 - ferrarimanf355
Wolverine - WolverineAR
Chiaro - Chiaro
Dr_Feelgood38 - DrFeelgood38
jvpde - jvpde
PercyChuggs - pchuggs
daniel_beck_90 - daniel_beck_90
NukeGoBoom - NukeGoBoom
pseudomyxoma - kvodden
Scheds - scheds
thabigred - granderojo
Peter - PeterBlank
Kombat - RobertDevious
Turbomonkey138 - Turbomonkey138
Fr0Br0 - Markie_marc
Pepsiman - iiotenki
Meltbrain - Meltbrain
nakratz - nakratz
Alexander - AlexFarr
Atheistium - atheistium
Jolly_Lolly - Jolly_Lolly
xMP44x - xMP44x
RoxasXIII - FlattenedSnakes

Twitters of interest

Aaron Thomas - Aaron_Thomas
Brian Ekberg - mechberg
Garnett Lee - GarnettLee
Guy Cocker - guycocker
Infinity Ward - InfinityWard
Naughty Dog - Naughty_Dog
Criterion - Criterion_Games
Valve - ValveSoftware
Major Nelson - majornelson
Alex Navarro - alex_navarro
N'Gai Croal - ncroal
Jeff Green - Greenspeak
Ryan Scott - RyanScottRyan
Shawn Elliot - ShawnElliot
E3 - e3expo
Tina Sanchez - Teanah
David Ellis - DavidEllis
Robert Bowling - fourzerotwo
Geoff Keighley - geoffkeighley
Kotaku - Kotaku
Joystiq - Joystiq
LittleBigPlanet - LBPlanet
Shane Bettenhausen - ShaneWatch
Cryptic - CrypticStudios
Paul Barnett - thatbarnettblok
George Broussard - georgeb3dr
Matt Rorie - frailgesture
Carrie Gouskos - cgouskos

Please suggest other twitters of interest, or post your twitter account if I haven't included it in the users section.
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Nice list. Thanks for that Matty.

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Ah, I thought I had most of them. Thanks for the heads-up. I'm now tracking Gman and Snide.

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SuperMooseman said:
"Nice job Matty my man. Although I'm sure what you're implying by putting myself and Ravey at the bottom of the list..."
I merely did it by the order they were in my following list. You and Ravey just happen to be the most recent people I've added to twitter.
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I am Jensonb and I endorse this thread!

Twitter rules. Good work MattyFTM

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Cool list, I didn't realize Vinny had one.

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albedos_shadow said:
"Cool list, I didn't realize Vinny had one."
Yeah, he only got it recently.
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More gaming folks:

N'Gai Croal - ncroal
Jeff Green - Greenspeak

me: erinfizz

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you can add me to the list of important people... JK. my twitter account is : Bitwarrior

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Heeeey nice thread, i've always wanted a thread like this, nice to be in the users section!!! :D

MCHammer should be added as an entirely seperate sub-title, cus you know, he's King Twitter! (jk)

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me =, I have it set to private but I will accecpt if I know you come from Giant Bomb

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I've added everyone who posted their twitter, and I've added a tonne more twitters of interest.

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I will just assume it slipped your mind ;), but my Twitter is RHCPfan24.

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Yeah, here's my twitter. JoblessTerence I mainly use it as a garbage dump for my random thoughts.

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Woah, excellent work FTM.

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Yo add me if you can handle the tweet!  Just made it so yarrrrrr... paulwallrivera

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I'm still trying to figure this all out. I'm old... slow down.

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Claude said:
"I'm still trying to figure this all out. I'm old... slow down."
aw c'mon man! If Stephen Fry can handle this, you certainly can. :)
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Ah, what the hell -

#24 Posted by MattyFTM (14383 posts) -


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I dunno what the point of this Twitter thing is, but I guess I'll find out now that I've got an account.

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Miniman said:
"MattyFTM said:
You forgot me >:O

Miniman said:

I only really use it for following people but put it up there anyways."
Oops. Sorry, I must have overlooked you. I'll add you now.
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Fucking Twitter...

You won't catch me dead on this thing.  =  /  I just don't get it.
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jakob187 said:
"Fucking Twitter...
You won't catch me dead on this thing.  =  /  I just don't get it."
How else are you going to know when I'm taking a crap?
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My twitter is JackiJinx. What a surprise!

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jakob187 said:
"Fucking Twitter...
You won't catch me dead on this thing.  =  /  I just don't get it.
I don't really understand the point of it either, yet I use it every now and then. It is uselful to attempt to get free codes from Major Nelson. Well, if you download a twitter add-on.
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If you aren't following Shawn Elliott's twitter, you're making a bad life decision.

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I blog and junk so you'll see that. Plus you'll always be kept in the loop about what I'm eating at any given time.
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And the list is up to date.

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twitter account is TomA42

#44 Posted by TomA (2531 posts) -

Holy begeezes i just founf Matt Rorie's and Carrie Gouskos' twitter feeds!!!



#45 Posted by Dauragon (554 posts) -

Me posting random observations, and shamelessly promoting my hobbies.

Also for those who don't understand what twitter is about:

(read it bottom to top)
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Mine is in my mini-bio.

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#48 Posted by woknroll (4 posts) - just signedup.

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Twitter sucks! You're throwing your life away!

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