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This is probably my favorite video on the internets right now. I promise it's worth the 10 minutes

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Lawl. That was pretty funny.

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Quite funny. Quite funny indeed.

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It was alright, but the ending was funny.
"I can put it as the background, I guess, but you won't be able to..."
"Do whatever you need to."
"OK, got it."
"Now it looks worse!"
*moves all the icons*
"Its PERFECT now."
"You know you can't..."

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Oh yea, I caught this on Break a few weeks back.
It's so funny, and so horribly true.

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That was simply hilarious.

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I drooled I slapped my knees, that was so fucking funny...That poor guy works with such incompetent retards.  My favorite part was when he was so slick in deleting that e-mail before the guy knew the difference.  that was pure win.

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Ten minutes? Ten minutes?

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I love this video.

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Yea it a great video. I just hope they post new one soon, those guys really have talent.

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ha that was great. 

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I haven't laughed this hard in a while. Awesome, awesome video. :D

Reminded me of the "You Suck At Photoshop" videos too. :)

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Haha that was good.  The best was the ending with the wallpaper.

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Wow, I just applied for an IT job. Is it really that bad?
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that was hilarious - 10/10

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D: That made me lol

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That ending part was awsome, what an idiot!

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heh. 9/10

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hahahahaha! OMG. "you can't arrange your icons by penis" 

wow. Love it.