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I just sent a girl I hang out with Fields of Gold lyrics. They were supposed to go to someone else as part of a joke but it's too late now.

The lyrics...

"Will you stay with me, will you be my love? Among the fields of barley.

We'll forget the sun in his jealous sky, as we lie in fields of gold."

Anyway I thought other people's screw ups might make me feel a bit better.

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Its been sometime since I've been a asshole. On the internet and face to face with people. Nowadays since I'm older I've became alot less hostile. Thinking of messages these videos comes to mind.

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Whenever i see those all i can think about is this poor woman.

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@l44: You listen to Sting? You don't deserve to feel better.

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I was IMing this girl I know one time, and I don't remember what we were talking about, but for some reason she said "I don't understand you sometimes." So as a joke, I copied some random Japanese sentence off of a manga website, and sent it to her. She did not understand the joke, so she translated it to see what it said. I had no idea, but it basically came across like a confession of love. I tried to explain but I'm pretty sure she didn't believe me. I am still friends with her to this day, and I just try to forget it ever happened.

Also, one time me and my friend were going somewhere, and he had to drop something off at some girls house on the way. Since he was driving he told me to text her: "I'm coming. Almost there." So I did. Word for word. "I'm cumming. Almost there." He was so mad at me.