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People tend to be really fake on Facebook and update with meaningless events in their lives nobody gives a fuck about.

Faux-knowledgeable atheists trying to convert their friends for whatever reason to the point where it seems dogmatic. Funnily enough, I've never encountered anybody actively trying to turn people religious yet the majority of my friends are religious.

People trying REALLY HARD to be funny (using lots of "haha", using a lot of acronyms just in case you weren't sure if he or she was joking of not).

Topical activists who don't know what the fuck they're talking about, post one thing and never think about it again as if it helps.

People who use it to gain attention through song lyrics or bitching about their lives.

People who use it as a means of advertising for whatever they're currently doing in their lives so we can spend money to go see their shitty show or whatever.

On the other hand, Facebook is an invaluable tool to keep in contact with friends so, despite the negatives, I keep mine and just dont use it unless I need to for social reasons.

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Other human beings? The shitty pictures all of my engaged friends post of them and their beyonce? The cute but overwhelming number of baby pictures that my friends who have new babies post? The insane right-wing conspiracies that my libertarian cousin posts on a regular basis?

Actually, scratch that. Those conspiracy posts are hilarious. Get all of our guns and form a militia against Obama indeed.

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People complaining about it.

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@tycobb said:

Facebook in general bothers me. I hate that it is shoved down my throat. I don't even use the damn thing.


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Nothing about facebook bothers me at all.

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"If we get a million likes, together we can stop paedophilia!"

No you fucking can't you naive wankers, but keep convincing yourself that clicking a like button in a web browser is going to make a single bit of difference to anything ever.

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The online interaction with other humans is the heart of the problem.

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Peter Thiel. Though seriously I just don't want a company to have access to so much personal information.

I deleted my account mostly because it felt too much like an MMO, where a lot of people can be dependent on my presence. Basically, it stressed me out.

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That you can't clear your timeline without scavenging the internet for scripts which may or may not work. Still haven't found a reliable one.
I'm just done with Facebook at this point. The only two features I'm still interested in is staying in touch with people and keeping up to date about things I care about.

For example there's this Persona 4 fan page that posted QR codes for Animal Crossing, so that my character can dress up like Chie. You know, relevant stuff.

Also I'm at the age where practically everyone is procreating and subsequently posting pictures of their kids which, I dunno. Sure, I'm happy for you but... I dunno man.

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Vague dramatic statements.

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Oh this is going to be long.

-. People who put stupid images up with inspirational messages on

- Prople who talk about the latest reality tv show and their contestants (sometimes as if they know them)

- People who put up song lyrics

- Prople who whine about their ex or say they miss them. He'll get over LAD stop being a bitch boy.

- Prople who post every ten minutes. I ding need to know that much detail about your god damn day

- Those ads. Recently single. No I do not want to join Zoosk or plenty of fish. I am not that ducking sad.

- Game request. Stop it people.

In fact I guess I just hate Facebook in general. I should probably cancel my account.

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"If we get a million likes, together we can stop paedophilia!"

No you fucking can't you naive wankers, but keep convincing yourself that clicking a like button in a web browser is going to make a single bit of difference to anything ever.

Hey guys, let's get the word out on Kony2012! If enough people know about a thing, then that thing will like, totally like, I don't know, like make a difference or something, right guys? Yay the internet.

Facebook is fine. Trick is to only add people whom I actually know decently.

I like this mentality, if people are having this many problems with Facebook, how about cut down the amount of jerks you have on it, I have about 11 people on mine, and even that could use some trimming. If you have a lot of people who you don't really know or care about, and are annoyed a lot by FB, then remove them? FB is a good tool if you use it correctly, I'm able to stay in touch with the people I care about from one source all at once. And one or two people I've unsubscribed from seeing their updates or posts and only keep them around if I need to talk to them.

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The funniest thing, and something I have experienced first hand (although not myself) is when people who use facebook ALL THE TIME get together they have NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT! Everything you would discuss with friends over a drink, they have already discussed! I recently met up with a group of girls, all of whom use facebook daily. We all met up and about 10 minutes into meeting I realised they had nothing to share with each other. They therefore turned their attention onto me solely because they had no idea what I had been doing with my life as I don't share EVERYTHING on facebook. I was actually able to turn to them and say, yeah I spent the last year living in Hong Kong.

It's nice when you have something to share with friends when you see them face to face. It's just sad that the above situation is rare. Needless to say, whilst I have a facebook, I don't use it very much.

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  • Ads in the news feed as suggested post.
  • Friends that send you a request for a facebook game but could not be bothered to write Happy Birthday.
  • Photos of sick children or mutilated animals under the pretense that sharing or liking it will make their situation better.
  • In the People you may know section is being populated by people who share no mutual friends.
  • Discovering that friends who have and share conservative views are selfish assholes.
  • The Pony express seems more efficient means of communicating then using PMs on facebook.
  • Proliferation of twitter hasthtags.
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The only thing that bothers me is IDIOTS.

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I find that most complaints about Facebook are really complaints about people in general, or are woefully outdated or inaccurate. Chances are the people filling your news feed with garbage more-or-less do the same thing in real life, except it might not be quite as brutally exposed. If you're wasting a lot of time on it and seeing what your friends are doing saddens/annoys you, maybe you've got bigger problems than an account on a social network?

Facebook's messed up privacy stuff in the past, but I signed up for an account in January (after spending maybe a year off of it), spent maybe 20 minutes setting up privacy settings, and haven't had any problems since. I wouldn't share anything I'd be embarrassed to have out there, but that's just common sense, because it's the internet and anyone can take a screenshot and forward it to everyone they know. If the NSA (CSIS, in my case) is reading my stuff, I frankly don't care. I don't think governments should be able to read private stuff without a warrant, but it's not Facebook's fault that they can.

I think the interface is generally really good (faster and better that Google+, for example), I like the Android app, and don't find the ads that noticeable.

Spending a year or so off of Facebook made a lot of the great things about it more pronounced when I came back to it. It was instructive, and in some ways better, but I think the advantages of Facebook (seeing friends' photos, for example) outweigh the problems as long as you're smart about how you use it. I find people who are big into Twitter but hate Facebook weird, because I think Twitter's generally a lot more problematic, negative, and time-consuming service.

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Facebook games

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Before Facebook became so popular I had used a few social networks and chat rooms so I kind of knew some the things that would be posted.

It's something I have never had much interest in actually using. I know if I had made an account I would rarely check it - it's just not what I want to spend time doing.

Plus all the ads and browser games don't make for a very compelling reason.

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Not much because I make sure I don't follow or have idiots in my news feed, my only real problem is the mobile apps because they shoehorned ads in everywhere to the point of me not using it anymore.

People love to bitch a lot about Facebook but they easily forget that they are in control of what shit they want to put on there and who they want to see clutter up their news feeds.

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Social justice warriors, aka 'armchair activists'