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Okay, technically anything that can be put on a computer is available digitally, but some of us don't want to futz around with torrents or simply want to support makers of good stuff. Whether it's wanting to relive the nostalgia from a specific track or if you've always wanted to play that one game, you're bound to find a large amount of stuff that isn't available digitally. So what is that one thing, Giant Bombers? What would you love to have on a digital shelf somewhere?

I'll start:

  • System Shock 2
  • No One Lives Forever
  • Practically all of Activision and EA's console-PC ports
  • All of Activision's Star Trek games
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Conkers Bad Fur Day.

Microsoft owns it, and they already made a version for the original Xbox, why not touch it up and put it out on XBLA?

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wow i agree so much on conkers bad fur day but i want the original uncensored.

Final fantasy 7,8 and 9 HD remake.

resident evil 1-3 hd remake.

silent hill 1-4.

The warriors

manhunt 1-2

chrono cross/trigger

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I agree with System shock 2. Would also love to see Lego island on steam or something. If its cheap.

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@keli911: I own Manhunt 1 on Steam.

Torrents and Emulation solve most of these issues of wanting digital versions of games, though torrents less so cause usually if there's a torrent of a game there's also a digital store version of it. Torrents are easy though... if you can click a mouse button you're 90% of the way there usually, clicking and holding is the other 10% ;)

I'm a good consumer whore myself and value my 'digital shelf' as well. http://www.steamcalculator.com/id/djjoejoe

Obviously I own many other video games through other online stores, steam is just the bulk of it.

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I agree with you about System Shock 2 and No One Lives Forever. I would also add Sid Meier's Sim Golf.

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Super Mario RPG on the 3DS.

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@c0l0nelp0c0rn1 said:

  • System Shock 2
  • No One Lives Forever t

These and Grim Fandango

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It would be awesome to see Curse of Monkey Island on Steam.

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Can we try to keep this to games that are not available on digital distribution at all, not a "What game would you like remade" thread? Some of the games listed already exist on digital distribution on PSN or the Virtual Console.

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Timesplitters 2-3.

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Halo CE

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@keli911 said:

Final fantasy 7,8 and 9 HD remake.

What's this? HD remake? When was this?

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@gamefreak9 said:

@keli911 said:

Final fantasy 7,8 and 9 HD remake.

What's this? HD remake? When was this?

Asking "when" in a thread where people say what they would like to be released is a little weird. 
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@ZeForgotten said:

@gamefreak9 said:

@keli911 said:

Final fantasy 7,8 and 9 HD remake.

What's this? HD remake? When was this?

Asking "when" in a thread where people say what they would like to be released is a little weird.

No the thread is about things people wish were released digitally. What that means to me is that they were released non-digitally. And i've never heard of FF HD releases.

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@Giefcookie said:


God dammit this is why I came into this thread.

But food, I wish I could get food digitally.

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.... hookers?

And TRON 2.0

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SWAT 4 and all the old Rainbow Six games- Mainly Rogue Spear since the original is on GOG. But I want them all on STEAM.

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I was expecting this thread to be about people saying "pizzas" and "prostitutes". I leave disappointed (with a few exceptions.)

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I actually didn't expect this to be about video games. Oh and I see Food has already been said. But still, food.

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I would like to agree with "food" and add "whiskey."

Also: fuck yeah, No One Lives Forever!

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Food, like something that hooks up to my brain to give me the sensation that I'm eating a super awesome filet while simultaneously pumping me full of vitamins and nutrients and stuff.



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XCom on PSN. I'd much rather play it on console over PC, but I really don't want to pay 7000 yen for it at a local import store.

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Super Mario RPG and Earthbound for the Nintendo 3DS.

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American McGee's Alice

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance for PC, Black and White 1 and 2.

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@ajamafalous said:

American McGee's Alice

That's available on Xbox Live. I assume you mean on PC.

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Holy shit, yes to NOLF. I have a boxed Mac copy that only works under OS9 I think :(

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Since you guys have most of the games covered, let me just add Company Flow's Funcrusher Plus album and I second these notions:

@Giefcookie said:


@EvilKatarn said:

.... hookers?

@ripelivejam said:


@Strife777 said:

I was expecting this thread to be about people saying "pizzas" and "prostitutes". I leave disappointed (with a few exceptions.)

Really? I was expecting this to be about games and thought I'd be the one asshole coming in and shouting "orgasms!" and I leave pleasantly surprised.

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@RazielCuts: If you're going to get Grim Fandango in on this you might as well go whole hog with every single Lucasarts adventure game. Full Throttle, Maniac Mansion, and more of the Monkey Island stuff would be pretty neat. In fact, just release Lucasarts' entire catalog and I will be a happy camper.

Anyway. the aim of this topic is more to catalog the stuff that hasn't been re-released AT ALL so that I can start an apocalypse library.

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Wish I could get that Command and Conquer collection on Steam. A working version of an old dinosaur RTS called Paraworld but that only works on Vista and the devs never updated it to work on any other OS. That's about it. A lot of the other games from my past I can get digitally, but I just wish they were on Steam.

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Curse of Monkey Island and the original Pokemon games.

The old Final Fantasy games would be great to have on Steam too.

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@crusader8463: Age of Empires with dinosaurs? Sign me up.

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Hitman: Contracts. But that amazing clutch song makes it impossible :(

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I'd like to see System Shock 2 re-released with much better graphics - think the Halo Anniversary treatment applied to that game. Same game, same guns, same stuff, only make it look much better.

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@c0l0nelp0c0rn1: I really loved the game back in the day and ran out to buy it shortly after reading about it in PC Gamer. I don't recall the details but it did something really neat with the way the UI was made that allowed you to arrange groups of units and was being touted as how it was going to revolutionize RTS. The cutscenes and story bits are pretty bad, but I still loved the hell out of it because you get an army of Dinosaurs!

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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
Dragonball Z Budokai HD Collection
I don't wanna order those to come next week, I wanna just download em to my hard drive and start playing :(

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@Apparatus_Unearth said:

@ajamafalous said:

American McGee's Alice

That's available on Xbox Live. I assume you mean on PC.

Yeah, PC.
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I wish Steam had some self.

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I wish Grim Fandango was on Steam. It's already so buggy whenever I try running it on my PC, plus with an upgrade with HD graphics would be splendid. HD wouldn't make that stupid forest puzzle any easier though.

I'm shocked how much System Shock 2 goes for on Ebay. Perhaps I should put my copy of it on there to sell.

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Most of the classic Lucas Arts games already mentioned. Especially Grim Fandango; I really don't know what Lucas arts is doing just sitting on these old legends.

Sim Golf, as well as Sim Tower. My Sim Tower CD seems to be busted.

System Shock 2, just to see what the hubub is about.

Suikoden 2. Why the flying frak is this not legally available to purchase anymore.

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One of the floppy disks stopped working...not cool.
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@adam1808: Can't you get Anni' edition on demand? that's pretty much Halo CE :O