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i'm thinking about getting netflix for streaming.

what are the shows that they currently have? how do you like it?

i joined the one month trial. so far, i think it's pretty good. i just watched two episodes of malcolm in the middle, and now i am watching arrested development. the internet is pretty good. i was expecting it to lag, always having to pause it to load it.

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Breaking Bad. That's all you need.

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What country are you from? If the US, then yes. I'm canadian, and although I have it and use it pretty frequently, it lacks the content

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i saw a few things as my friend has it. one reason why i want it is because there isn't anything on during the day time. i'm usually home, late in the day. sometimes during the night there isn't anything on.

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In the US, there's quite a lot that's available streaming. Tend to use it lately to go through the following shows: Mythbusters, Twilight Zone, Dark Shadows, Star Trek (original & next gen). Not a ton of movies are streaming in horror but it's easy to go through the list of movies on the site & just add them to the instant streaming list for later. Apart from the 1 in 50 broken disc sent, the streaming part of netflix has been great.

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I think Hulu is better for tv shows.

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I have the Canadian version and I really like it, so I imagine the US version would be an even better value. I'm not sure which of these are on the American service, but I've been enjoying using it to watch Firefly, Community, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and The IT Crowd.

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Yeah, I'm currently a subscriber after a 1 year hiatus and Netflix is doing well for me. A large variety of shows except for a few that I would have liked but due to politics it ain't happening.

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you know u can have a free month... just try it out and see if you like it.

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I hear a lot of ragging on Netflix for it's streaming library, but I have found it to be really useful. I have caught up on great shows that I missed ( Breaking Bad, Mad Men) and got into shows I would have never probably watched (Peep Show and a lot of anime). Streaming also has a lot of movies from classic directors, Kubrick and the Coen brothers just to name a few. I highly recommend the service.

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If you're down to watch a movie sometime, watch a small indie movie from 1997 named Sweethearts. I'm shocked it flew so far under the radar upon release.

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I subscribe to the Canadian version. I don't use it every week. But it's only 7 bucks, and I feel it worth it for the once or twice a month I go and watch an entire season or even series when I have a free weekend. I watched the entirety of Farscape last weekend and even if I don't use it again the rest of this month I figure that was worth the cost.

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Watch Archer, then whatever else you want to.

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@Sackmanjones said:

Breaking Bad. That's all you need.

That and Sherlock. There are more, but those two shows will get you started.

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There's plenty, I believe you can browse before signing up though. If not, there's always the free month.

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i used it in canada it was ok. uses lots of data and the content is a bit iffy some times.

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I'm in the UK and their is a fair amount of stuff to watch, but I never really watched to much TV as a child.

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@Sackmanjones: False. You also need Arrested Development.

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This thread has actually reminded me to cancel my Netflix membership. Not that I have anything against it, and they do really have a great selection of streaming stuff in the US. I just don't have the time to watch Netflix, play games, and take in all of the content on this here website.

I guess I'll just say go for it if you have the time to enjoy it. The streaming collection is large and varied, and you'll certainly find things you like to watch.

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If you're doing it for TV shows, then yeah, streaming's enough. If you're a movie guy like me, you need the disk service for it to really be worth your money.

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For TV, watch Breaking Bad, Archer, South Park, Psych and Sons of Anarchy.

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It's got Lost, dude. You're good.

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US Citizen? get it, not? fuck you Netflix.

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You won't run out of good TV or anime to watch for quite a while, but I find they are kind of lacking in modern-ish movies. There's plenty there for most, but as a dude who watches a shit ton on Netflix I've almost run out of good modern-ish (last 15 years or so) movies that I have a desire to see.

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I think Workaholics is on there, not bad.

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I'd probably not get it if you're looking for disc + streaming, but if you're just out for streaming...

Get it for a month and see if you like it. It costs next to nothing. If you think it sucks, it's incredibly easy to cancel it on the site, no need to interact with anyone. Just check a box and you're done.

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Blue Mountain Stte... its hands down THE dummest show... but for some reason I love it... funny as hell... if you havnt seen mad men... also another reason to get netflix... if you havn't seen breaking bad... another reason to get netflix... South Park whenever on ur tv in hd.... also another reason... and other.... reasons... why.... you... should... get................

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so i joined got the 1 month trial. it's pretty good of watching two shows so far. internet is pretty good, isn't lagging while surfing.

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Something to remember that will go a long way to maximizing your enjoyment of Netflix...

1 - watch shit you've never heard of. There is an absolute wealth of underappreciated TV and Film on Instant Watch. If you're into bad (and I mean awful) movies, Netflix is like a treasure trove just waiting to be mined. Latest find? Blood Surf. Bad CG and Bad Animatronics in one movie. It's freaking awesome and terrible.

2 - turn it off if it sucks. This isn't like renting a movie or watching something on Cable. If it's truly awful, back out and find something else.

So many people I know that do end up bitching about Netflix and their streaming selection usually do so from the perspective of "they don't have anything I've heard of" which is just a shame. Going down the rabbit hole to find new stuff to watch is my favorite passtime.

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NO, bro. DON'T.

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@Juicebox said:

NO, bro. DON'T.

scarcasm? serious why?

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@Sackmanjones said:

Breaking Bad. That's all you need.

And How it's made.

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@JonathanAshleyMoore said:

US Citizen? get it, not? fuck you Netflix.

It's in UK too.