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As the title says, I'm thinking about moving to the other side of the US. Currently I'm living in New Jersey with my father after moving back once I graduated college last year. I was talking with a friend who moved out to Seattle a couple years ago suggested I move out there as well. I've been looking into all day and am seriously considering it. 
What I want to know is have any of you fine folks moved across the country? What was your experience? Do you have any advice? Things that I should/should not do?

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I am actually moving from Kentucky to Seattle in about 2 weeks haha, it will be the first time I've ever lived out of the state of Kentucky. I'm going to graduate school though, so I kind of know what I'm getting into. I don't know how much I can offer in terms of advice, but I can at least say good luck!

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I've not moved that far away before, but I know people who have so I'll share what I learned from them. Moving that far, my big concerns would be "How am I going to be taken care of". Do you have a job yet? Is your friend looking for a room mate (who brings rent with them), or are you lucky enough to have a friend who is willing to support you while you look for work (estimated 4-6 months even if you take "anything I can get")? Make sure you work out the social details now so there's less fighting later; get your agreement in writing if you can (an email record will usually work fine if it comes to legal down the road).

For the actual moving part, carrying things with you is going to be expensive. Take only the super-expensive and light items (e.g. a computer/laptop that is easily carried but costs hundreds or thousands to replace) while leaving heavy and easily replaced items behind. With a college degree you probably know that already, but Uhaul across country is prohibitively expensive, and shipping by train is doable but it's usually cheaper to replace the furniture when you get there.

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@bushpusherr: Awesome. Good luck to you too!
Oh yes I should have probably specified. My friend is helping me look for work and housing now and some time in the next month or so I'll fly out there to do interviews/look at places. When/if I do decide to move out there I was actually thinking about driving out there myself maybe since I can fit everything I'd want to bring in my car.