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Walking out of the theater after watching this movie was a unique experience. I can’t remember anything as of late that has confused me as much as this movie. The film had strung me along for an hour and a half and afterwards I felt empty and befuddled. It was a string of seemingly related tangents that blended some flat humor, middling action, and sub par effects. The “plot” was riddled with holes that had no context and went nowhere. I kept trying to put the pieces together but I think that’s against the point. The eclectic examples of plot points include some sort of clairvoyant wizard in a suit, reanimated meat carcass, and a hallucinogen called soy sauce; and that's all in the first ten minutes. The director of this movie clearly tried to do something novel and whatever his purpose was failed to resonate with me at all. It was the definition of a stream of consciousness movie. As a movie I don't think it worked very well but knowing that this has literary origins makes me curious on how it would work in that context.

It's very difficult for me to recommend this movie for anyone because the movie felt so scatter shot and all of the positive elements are spread so thin that asking someone to sit through the whole thing seems tough.