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@lilarchie232: Which Buckeyes game are you going to? Last time I Was at The Shoe was when they played OU 3 or 4 years ago and the Bobcat mascot tackled Brutus. Also, that dog over in my avatar? Also named Brutus.

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How I made it through the Purdue-ND game without taking a sip of alcohol is beyond me.

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I hadn't really looked at the schedule for today, but after looking at it recently man this week is scarce. There aren't very many good games at all. The only one that even slightly interests me is the Auburn vs. LSU game. So what games are y'all watching this weekend in this scarce week?

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I watched almost all of Florida-Tennessee. I could actually feel myself getting older while watching this terrible game.

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@atlas: Oh god me too. It was like two flag football teams out there on offense. Just being willy-nilly with the ball. It's a bummer to hear about Dreskel though. It'll make things much tougher for Florida with him out.

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As I check on the score of the Washington game, I think to myself, does Idaho State actually have a football team?

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I feel like I've been tricked by the thread title into thinking this was some kind of weird football + GB staff member crossover, when in fact this is nothing but a regular old college football discussion thread.

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@hailinel: Yeah, that was a boring game to watch. Sure I'm glad that UW got the win, but man was a bored to tears. I like watching good games and that wasn't one. Also UW was playing like shit in the first quarter. I think they had like 5 or 6 flags for false starts in the first quarter alone. If they continue that in PAC-12 play they are going to get eaten alive.

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@hailinel: There were something like 5 or 6 games like that this week. The highlights of the games weren't even fun to watch because the losing teams were all so outmatched. Florida International even asked for a running clock in the 4th quarter! That's not fun football.

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MSU lost, so ends the dream of losing to an SEC team; I guess we'll have to leave that to Ohio State.

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Went to IU-Mizzou last night. Missed the ND-MSU game (darn....lol). Even though I didn't expect IU to win or it to be close at all the game last night was fucking awful. Outside of DGB being awesome the rest of the game was "HEY LET'S ALL RUN FUCKING HORIZONTAL THE WHOLE GOD DAMN GAME". Ugh.

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@jiggajoe14: Ah yes the classic run for 50 yards for a 2 yard gain play.

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I really, really, really, really, REALLY FUCKING HATE TOMMY GOD DAMN REES.

And lol @ Lane.

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It almost doesn't seem fair, making Arizona play in a driving rain in Seattle.


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so great

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@jiggajoe14: Wow! That is so funny. Zero fucks given. He was soaked from the rain, why not add some popcorn on top of it all. lol

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@jiggajoe14: I love it! The best part is at the end where he looks up and has the look of "Huh something happen?" on his face. Plus he is rocking a popcorn goatee like a milk mustache, but a million times better. So good. Keep on keeping on Washington St. fan.

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Guy lost his 21 year old daughter recently and his first game back to cover the team he was given a hug by the whole Buckeye team after the game :(.

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Wow just some many upsets this week. It seemed like every highly ranked team in the SEC lost today. Definitely an interesting week of college football.

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What the fuck, Washington. Just what the fuck.

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Famous Jameis aka Jesus Jameis & the Noles going to town on Clemson. Didn't think it would get this out of hand

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@jiggajoe14: I know if anything I would expect the opposite since it is in Clemson. You got to think this adds to FSU's national title hopes.

#74 Posted by jiggajoe14 (898 posts) -

I mean I expected FSU to win because Clemson is Clemson. Still the utter destruction is surprising.

lol Oregon doesn't want to put the game away just yet. Terrible turnover for them there.

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@mattadord: In fact, only one SEC favorite (according to the Vegas oddsmakers) wasn't upset today.

The unfortunate thing is that even after tonight's game, if Alabama and Oregon both win out and don't have any too-close-for-comfort games against bad teams, I don't see Florida State making the title game. Based on what's happened to this point, they'd be as deserving as anyone. They certainly have the best win of anyone so far (even though I'd have pulled the starters a little sooner, myself).

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Top 10 is a mess right now after Oregon/Alabama

Where do you compare FSU and Ohio State?

Baylor? And Missouri?

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Ohio State is a distant 4th as far as I'm concerned at this point.

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Top 10 is a mess right now after Oregon/Alabama

Where do you compare FSU and Ohio State?

Baylor? And Missouri?

Right now I have FSU above Ohio State. FSU has beaten more impressive teams and they have two more games that could really help their case for a national title bid, when they play Miami in a couple weeks and Florida at the end of the year.

As for Baylor I don't see them gaining a super high ranking until they start pouring on the points on a team like Oklahoma or Texas. They just don't have the strength of schedule like Missouri does. Missouri has looked seriously impressive these past two weeks, and beaten good teams. It's a bummer that they will have to play Alabama in the SEC title game and lose all the momentum and high ranking. I still don't understand how some division have title games and others don't.

But I'll be interested to see the BCS standings which I think come out later tonight. With the upsetapalooza yesterday the rankings are going to be super interesting.

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I don't see Baylor getting higher than Missouri even if they pour points on OU & Texas because both those teams aren't very good. Big XII is an atrocity this year.

Also, FSU could be playing Va Tech in the conference title game if the Hokies keep on winning which would be another good opponent for them (that defense at least).

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So BCS rankings came out last night and to no surprise Alabama is number one. I was surprised to see FSU jump Oregon in the rankings. It could just be reactionary to their win over Clemson since these just came out this week. So what are some surprises for you? Do you think that someone is ranked too high, too low?

Here is a link to the BCS ranking by the way: Rankings!

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I unfortunately was not able to watch the games yesterday, but it seemed like there were some real interesting ones looking at the scores. A double OT thriller for South Carolina and Mizzou being the one that I wished I could have seen.

So what were some interesting games this week? How do you think the standing will pan out? Did you go to a game or did you just watch the Oktobercast for 24hrs straight and immediately fall asleep once it finished?

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Huskies! So glad they didn't Coug' it up. Pac12 3-1!

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Also, who were the assholes that had the duck flag at the the UW blow game? fuck them!