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Dude, I am too excited about this.

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For your Health!

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I wanna meet that dad.

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I will be there

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Where's my chippy? Come out chippy. Come out chippy I'm worried...There's my chippy.

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That's a weird-ass show that's hilarious.

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Tumblers are better than Pumpers!
Tumblers are better than Pumpers!
Tumblers are better than Pumpers!

Indeed I can't to see what unexpected and disturbing things await me in the new season!

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Never heard of it, as I dont watch TV anymore

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No idea what it is.

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Bumped for relevancy.

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In tonights episode Dr. Steve Brule learns that pianoes smell like horses and Tim comes back from the dead.

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Thanks for the heads up! Can't wait for season three..

And in case you didn't know, Tim and Eric had an awesome talk-show on superdeluxe.com as well. Fans should definitively check it out.

I wear my dad's dirty socks!

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I've never seen it... is it good?

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MrMiyagi said:
"I've never seen it... is it good?
There's only one way to find out. ;)
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MrMiyagi said:
"I've never seen it... is it good?
If you like wacky out there humor then you'll like it. It's one of the most original shows in terms of comedy.
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MrMiyagi said:
"I've never seen it... is it good?
It's amazing.

And to let you all know, it comes on tonight, made this thread last week.
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Steve Brule!  Hahahah.  I'd love it if he had his own little show.

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All my buddies love that show, it drives me crazy, ill stick with Mr. Show, and Stella

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steve brule: "The panini taste like horse" I LOL'd hard.

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It's weird-ass show.  But it's pretty funny.

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Panini humor gets me every time, man.

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OMG! It's Jeff! :o...sorry just never see him post here..or any of the other staff considering we are just mere mortals whilst they are gods :P

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Jeff said:
"Panini humor gets me every time, man."
Haha, I was pretty fond of the tiger humor myself.
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I thought it was pretty good, not the best episode though. The Dr. Brule part was great. I still love that they have an Oscar nominated actor saying things like "this panini tastes like horse".

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Never heard of this show

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Me too, I love their diarrheabedis sketch.

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*poop noises*

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Almost a 5 year bump. New record?