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So, I'm sitting in my new apartment and someone has their wireless unprotected and I'm using it while it lasts.  
But, I'm also checking out my options for internet and I have the option for Comcast or Time Warner, these are both available in the area and for the apartment. What is your take on these services and which would you all suggest. 
Thanks Duders,  

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If you are interested in sports, Time Warner lets you watch their ESPN network channels online. Although, I'm not sure if you have to get cable with them for it to work

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I have Time Warner and went for a service with 5MB up for streaming. It has down times like once every other week. It's also expensive as hell. But I am happy with it's speed, I've never had Comcast So I can't compare. If speed matters you should check what they have in your area. And start from there.

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The Time Warner I got a month or two ago both lives up to the speed that it claims (3 Mbps, that's the cheap one) and never drops out.

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Never had a problem with Time Warner. The only other realistic option for broadband in our area is AT&T, and they're awful.

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Never had an issue with Time Warner.

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I get around 20mbs down and 3.5mbs up with Comcast. Seems pretty good its expensive though.

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I use Time Warner at my house, and I live on the edge of a rural area. I have literally no complaints. Fast as shit, cheap as hell. Literally, our bill is about $40 a month. Worth every fucking penny. We have a 3 mbps line BTW.

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$40 for 3mbit?  Ouch.  I pay $45 to comcast for 20mbit and have no issues maxing that bastard out.  Solid service too but each area/region can be different.  I think dslreports.com is the proper place to research this.