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At the moment I feel really lazy to play Banjo Kazooie.Recently I have beaten Super Mario 64, collected all 120 stars.Now I want to accomplish the same thing with Banjo Kazooie, just with the jiggies.The problem is that I am so lazy to power up my N64 and play it.I've beaten 3 worlds so far and every time I've played it I was watching youtube guides and reading faqs.I can't relax and enjoy the game without that.I just want to beat it 100%.When I think about game it feels so boring to pick it up and play, but when I force myself little bit to turn on the console and start playing it itlkmyself to do that because it feels more like a job rather than enjoying myself.I have the same feeling with other games but some other not, for example, online and multiplayer games like Call of Duty and Halo.I'm conscious that Call of Duty is crap, but I enjoy playing it lol.Is it the problem with me, or the games or neither of that one?

P.S. Does any of you think that Banjo Kazooie is crap game excluding the fact that it has great art style and can be fun at the moments when it isn't to challenging and when stuff is easy to collect?

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Everybody gets tired of games at some point. Just take a break for a while.

I could care less about N64 Banjo games, but I'll fight to the death if we're talking Nuts and bolts.

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I'm with TheManWithNoPlan, take a break and return at a later date. Happens to us all, don't be a hero.

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Play it without the guides. It is way more fun. Part of the fun of that game is discovering new stuff and finding all the hidden things. A guide would defeat the entire purpose of playing it. It is not that hard of a game anyway.

I found them quite fun back and the day and when I played the original a year or so back I still had a lot of fun, despite the game feeling dated.

Nuts & Bolts. I should play that again. That game is a blast.

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I'm in the same predicament with Persona 4: Golden at the moment. I've never actually played or seen past naoto, so i really want to play it. But i feel the need to play it 100% so i always have to have a guide open for social links and class answers and all that jazz. Ruins the fun for me, but i really want 100%. I've come to the conclusion that you should just play through a game, and if you really like it then you'll happily go back through the same things again just to get 100%. Breaks from games are a good thing as well, it lets you come back to it later and really get immersed rather than just going through the motions.

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maybe you're just burned out on that genre (for now)
maybe a week or two break, cleanse the palette.
i tried playing twilight princess & skyward sword back to back, its rough stuff :[