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10: My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy (Noucome): Noucome has was it needs for a good harem (I tots not looking at you, Infinite Stratos 2). Girls that are actually interesting. With the fact that all the girls are part of the "Reject Five", they all have some quirk to them. Also the fan service does not hurt.


9. Strike the Blood: Speaking of harem. Blood has the action to support the show without needing the great characters that are in the show. I guess it's a good thing the show has great character also. The main protagonist may be more dense then I would like, but the forwardness that many of the girls have are fantastic. Also the non-anime reactions Yukina has (not going crazy) when Kojō gets in a wacky situation with the other ladies is great. But the action in the show is also pretty great. Most action scenes in anime are blend and unbelievable to me but this show does a great job of not doing that. Great flow that does not drag on.

8. Ace of the Diamond: Fall of 2013 is the season I started watching sports animes with this being one of the two. The great thing about this show (and other sports animes for that matter) is that it keeps me wanting more after each episode. Wanting to know how Eijun will try and get to the position of ace keeps me glue to the screen and wanting the next episode.



7. Yowamushi Pedal: Speaking of sports animes. Pedal is the other sport show I watched during the Fall 2013 season. Pedal has the same reasons I like and dislike Ace, just with different sports and characters. The shows never focus on anything other than the sport, which is my biggest problem I have with these sports animes.


6. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT (Haganai):Speaking of harem. NEXT is the second season of Haganai, one of two season 2 shows on my list, and the one that I liked the second season more. Haganai season 1 was a nice little harem that had great characters, but did not do anything too special. This season ramps up the drama towards the end with more confessions being made left and right.





5. Minami-ke Tadaima: With Tadaima being the forth season of Minami-ke, you know what your getting into. It's not that arguable that the 2 and 3 season is weaker than the 1, but Tadaima brings the quality back up the where the first season was. The trio of sisters are back for more harmless slice of life comedy. The show is a top class slice of life with a shit ton of likeable characters, not much more needs to be said. YOU CAN DO IT FUJIOKA!

4. Chihayafuru 2: Chihayafuru 2 is not as good as the first season. But that does not stop me from wanted to watch the next episode immediately after the episode ends. Yes too much time was spent in that tournament and on the other teams. Still left me wanting more. Yes not enough time was spent on the other main characters in the individual tournament. Still left me wanting more. Watching Chihaya struggle as she tries to get to Arata's level and watching Taichi struggle as he tries to get to Chihaya and the amazing look the show has with the music that makes me tingle; I can't help but love this show.

3. Uchōten Kazoku/The Eccentric Family: Uchōten starts the part of the list of shows that I wanted to watch again immediately after finishing it. The way the show does not explains all of itself, but in a way that's not infuriating is extremely satisfying. Do humans know about Tanuki and Tengu? What exactly is Benten? It does not it matter, just start enjoying the show as it unlayers itself piece by piece while learning about the Shimogamo Family. The show starts light hearted as you learn more about the relationship of the Yasaburou and the professor. For the first half of the show at least, until the feels come in. Then you learn more about how the father of the family died and how that will shake up the Tanuki community. Uchōten brings an emotional punch that Muhammad Ali can't ignore. Learning more about the Shimogamo Family brings a story that stay with me after the show and makes it one of the best of the year.


2. Silver Spoon: Sliver Spoon is a weird show where it's technically a slice of life, but serious topics will be broach. But I'm not going to lie, I think the only reason I enjoy this show so much is because of the characters. Sure there is that stuff about how we should think about eating meat and stuff, but all I know is that the main protagonist, Yugo, is one of my favorite protagonist. Maybe it's because he reminds me of myself, Yugo tries to get away from his family and avoids contact with them entirely is something that makes me think of myself. And because of that, a rooted for him when he is relied on almost every episode, and to get with Aki, and to make all that sweet sweet pizza. Him going through straggles to find himself, like that meat eating thing for example, adds a ton of character to Yugo and the plethora of other characters. Speaking of other characters, Yugo is not the only character I liked of course because every character in this huge cast brings something to the table and are all so so good. The way Aki's dad glares at Yugo from the corner. Aki's uncle who is tough but always has a smile. The short and all knowing president. All the characters bring an enjoyable show that left me wanting more.

1. Hataraku Maou-sama!/The Devil Is a Part-Timer!: It's hard for media to make me laugh out loud, especially anime. So when Hataraku Maou-sama! came and made me laugh during the first episode I knew this show was special. Even if Hataraku Maou-sama! never reaches the peak the first couple episodes do after them, the show never lets up on its absurd premise. The way everything is done over the top and makes the show feel fresh. The fleeting moments of action in this show are great also. It has a nice flow that does not drag on like most action. It's great that the main protagonist never is not all powerful, he just needs to get the magic to get there. So when he does get the magic, you feel pump as he goes full demon and destroys everything. When I went to watch the first episode again when making this, the show pull me in and I had to rewatch it and I knew the show was one of my favorites.

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I watched The Garden of Worlds (Kotonoha no Niwa), Ghost in the Shell: Arise part 1 and Attack on Titan. I liked Attack on Titan the most, but they all bordered on average for me.

I can't remember any others that I wanted to watch. Maybe Yamato 2199 if I can get over the CG. I liked most of the other Leiji Matsumoto adaptations I saw.

Oh, and the new Miyazaki movie, after it's released on BD.

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No Kukoro no Basuke? otherwise decent list. I am glad you but some stuff on there that many people just ignore^^

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"Noucome" over "Yahari"? GET OUT.

Having said that, interesting list. Aside from the top 3 it's a lot different that the ones I'd put for this year.

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The more lists I see of anime from this year, the more I realize how I missed out on so many shows. I'll have to try out a few on here. Maybe The Eccentric family or Silver spoon might be up my alley.

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No JoJo's Bizarre Adventure? Or is that counted as a 2012 release?

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It's kinda refreshing to see someone not gushing over Attack on Titan! I mean, it's great, but it is not some golden egg layed by the Anime Hen (God Awful 3AM Analogy)

I didn't get to the anime I should have gotten to this year, I'll write these 10 down in my catching up list.

Out of all the anime I saw this year, Kill la Kill was my favorite because it's just flat out FUN! Every second of it was a blast and that's enough for me to put it at #1

Oh, Mako!
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@xel: I would had count it if I watch it, but I have not yet unfortunately. I know that show has some fanfaire here so it is in my back log.

@viciousbearmauling I always dislike how people only watch the few big shows like Attack on Titan! and than vote it number 1 on the top ten lists.

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Man, going through my list trying to find anime that started in 2013 that I actually liked was tough. I had a hard time coming up with ten shows, so here's a top 5.

  1. Railgun Season 2 - The second season of Railgun dealt with the Sisters Arc and it was fantastic. It ended on some average filler, but god damn the Sisters Arc was amazing. The animation, the OST, everything was impressive. JC Staff really stepped it up.
  2. Hataraku Maou-sama! - Really fun show with an interesting cast. I liked the idea of the Devil having to adjust to our world and trying to claim power by moving up the fast food corporate ladder.
  3. Valvrave - The award for biggest surprise goes to Valvrave. The twists, the singing (so bad it's good), "that scene" with Rukino. The first season was kind of a trainwreck in the best possible way. It was almost like Sunrise was trolling anime fans every week. Season 2 was more tame compared to Season 1 and managed to take the turn from trainwreck to legitimate series. Also turns into classic Sunrise mecha at the end with the fate of the characters.
  4. Attack on Titan - I started off really sour on this show. Watched the first episode and just did not like it. A month or two passed and after seeing all the hype on this show I dove back in. Watched the first five episodes and was hooked into a marathon to the end. Just a brutal show. It ends up at number four for the noticeable low animation budget in the beginning and too many scenes of characters waxing philosophical about the weakness of humanity.
  5. Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova - Final spot on my top five goes to Ars Nova. This was a real pleasant surprise for me. I was not expecting to like this show about battleships as much as I did. The enemy battleships have what the show calls "Mental Models" which are essentially human looking physical platforms. The gradual arc of these battleships struggling with their purpose (or just having a purpose that isn't being a weapon) was nicely done.

Notable mentions: Psycho-Pass, Devil Survivor 2, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU. I don't include Kill la Kill or Strike the Blood on this list because they haven't finished airing yet. At this point Kill la Kill would easily be at Number 2 and Strike the Blood would probably land at Number 4.

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At least you had 3 good ones on there. :P

Man, Maou-sama was great. Even if I did have very low expectations, I still think its pretty damn good.

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I didn't end up catching a lot of anime this year. Thought Chronicles of the Going Home Club was pretty great, did anyone see that? It's a light-weight gag anime that pokes fun at a lot of common tropes, and the industry itself. Kinda switches up between random and witty humor.

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@ilikepopcans: most of it looks like run of the mill generic anime but top 3 looks interesting. I'll check them out thanks!