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Hey guys, after a year of listening to new album releases I've decided upon my top five songs of the year. What is everyone's top songs this year?


1. Sediment - Pinback (youtube link was taken down by Pinback which is a shame because I really want to share such a good song)

2. 40 Mark Strasse - The Shins

3. Entombed - Deftones

4. Don't Deny Your Heart - Hot Chip

5. Madness - Muse

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Does it have to of came out this year or could it be I heard it for the first time this year? Many of the music I listened too this year was not new. ;_;

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Love The Shins, so I approve of this list.

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@BillyTheKid said:

Does it have to of came out this year or could it be I heard it for the first time this year? Many of the music I listened too this year was not new. ;_;

The idea was songs that came out this year, but you can if you want. Or we can just post Shin songs ;)

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not gonna list them 5 to 1, just a list off the top of my head

adele - skyfall (well either this or gojira - mouth of kala)

jasper byrne - miami (from hotline miami obvs)

high on fire - fertile green

converge - all we love we leave behind

Om - Haqq Al-Yaqin (well okay this is #1 but the rest are unordered)

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You have an Eraser avatar so I'll trust your judgement.
Honestly, Entombed doesn't really do it for me.  Good Squad, though, that's something else.

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Oh ok. Well I am not going to lie... I have not heard of The Shins until just now........ I feel bad because listening to their stuff I really like it. And no I do not just listen to folk music or country if you are wondering. I pretty much listen to anything I find catchy or like, or if I really like the lyrics. Bruno Mars is on there because it sounds like The Police a bit and Macklemore is on there because I thought it was a humorous song with a good "rap beat "I guess. These are in no particular order.

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@csl316 said:

You have an Eraser avatar so I'll trust your judgement. Honestly, Entombed doesn't really do it for me. Good Squad, though, that's something else.

I'm not the metal head I used to be so it's probably why the softest track on the album does it for me, but every song on the album is really strong in different ways.

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@benspyda: It's strange, I usually love their more chill stuff.  Digital Bath, Riviere, Beauty School, Deathblow, Cherry Waves, Fist.  I dunno, album's still growing on me so priories may change!
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Astral Body - Between The Buried & Me

Eula - Baroness

Breathing Underwater - Metric

Blast Off - Trioscapes

Whales - Scale The Summit(came out last year, but it was new to me this year)

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Astral Body - Between The Buried & Me

Eula - Baroness

Breathing Underwater - Metric

Blast Off - Trioscapes

Whales - Scale The Summit(came out last year, but it was new to me this year)

Oh man, The Collective is so damn good.
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The Flashbulb - Good Luck Out There

Icona Pop - Ready For The Weekend

Yppah - Film Burn

Confidence Boost (James Blake Remix) - Trimbal

Eggedosis - Lindstrøm


As for songs from games -

Sync - FEZ

Crystals - Hotline Miami

Finale - Botanicula

Take Us Back - The Walking Dead

Lala - Botanicula

Edit: 1 more song from Botanicula - Hotline Miami will beat it out on this site for Best Music I'm sure, but MAN is the Botanicula soundtrack great.

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"Rosemary" by Deftones from the album Koi No Yokan

"Sharp Practice" by Circa Survive from the album Violent Waves

"Dauoalogn" by Sigur Ros from the album Valtari

"Gone in Bloom and Bough" by Caspian from the album Waking Season

"Dyslexicon" by The Mars Volta from the album Noctourniquet (they sure do like their portmanteaus...)

"Disobey" by Kate Havnevik from the album You

Yeah, I picked six songs. Take that, society!

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Double Dragon Neon music:



And of course the end credits music is fucking incredible.

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If I chose my top 5 favourite songs truthfully, they'd all be Death Grips tracks. But here you go anyway:

Death Grips- NO LOVE (or Artificial Death in The West, I can't decide!!!)

Devin Townsend Project- Grace

Frank Ocean- Crack Rock (Or Bad Religion, I dunno lol)

Japandroids- Continuous Thunder

Gojira- L'enfant Sauvage

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I dunno, I mostly just listen to soundtrack stuff these days, but Rosemary on Koi No Yokan is fantastic.

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Lil' Wayne- No Worries (love the video!)

Lil' Wayne- Cashed Out

Lil' Wayne- Burn

Deuce- I Came to Party

B.o.B. ft. Lil' Wayne- Strange Clouds

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@jlev880 said:

Astral Body - Between The Buried & Me

Eula - Baroness

Breathing Underwater - Metric

Blast Off - Trioscapes

Whales - Scale The Summit(came out last year, but it was new to me this year)

baroness... really?

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So many good joints this year but these are the ones I probably listened to the most.


Willie Burke Sherwood - Killer Mike

Feel the Love - Rudimental

Ghouldiggers - Ministry

The Man who would be King - Billy Woods

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Without a doubt the best track of 2012 is Beck's 20 minute remix of Phillip Glass:

Gives me goosebumps every time.

Next best:

Tame Impala - Apocalypse Dreams

Melody's Echo Chamber - Crystallized

Grizzly Bear - Speak In Rounds

Kyson - Company For Us

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@BillyTheKid: looove The Lumineers, put some Shins in there too.

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Agalloch - Faustian Echoes

Alcest - Summer's Glory

Alcest - Là où Naissent les Couleurs Nouvelles

Natural Snow Buildings - Sheffield

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Mladic

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I had a hard time not choosing "Reagan" instead of "Untitled," but R.A.P. Music is so fucking solid that it matters very little what song I pick from it.

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1. Grimes- Genesis

2. Frank Ocean- Super Rich Kids

3. Tame Impala- Be Above It

4. Animal Collective- Applesauce

5. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti- Only In My Dreams

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Spiral by Wye Oak

1904 by The Tallest Man on Earth

Between Friends (ft. Earl Sweatshirt) by Flying Lotus (AKA Capt. Murphy)

Fryerstarter by Aesop Rock

Me and My Bitch by Domo Genesis & The Alchemist

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1. Dethklok - I Ejaculate Frie

2. FUN - Some Nights

3. Ke$ha - Die Young

4. PSY - Gangnam Style

5. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - Thrift Shop

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Not sure if anyone will check all of these out, but if you do, stick with the Swans song down below. It's really rough for a while but ultimately the most rewarding song released this year.

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Sorry, but I am a dismusician. I won't be taking part in the discussion except to point out why each and every song doesn't really count as music per se. You guys will thank me later.

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Deftones- Rosemary

Converge- All We Love We Leave Behind

Future Of The Left- Sheena A T-Shirt Salesman

Gallows- Outsider Art

Fear Factory- The Indstrialist

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Probably, These Streets Will Never Look The Same by Chromatics, When The Past Was Present by John Talabot, Hands on the Wheel by Schoolboy Q + A$AP Rocky, Wasted Days by Cloud Nothings and Backseat Freestyle by Kendrick Lamar. Just off the top of my head!

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Frank Ocean - Thinkin' Bout You

Okay I'm done.

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1. Call Me No One - 'All's Well' 
A side project from Sevendust's Clint Lowery and Morgan Rose. 'All's Well' is dark and moody, with a very strong chorus and remarkably passionate guitar solo. It's one of the best straight rock songs I've heard in a long time. It resonated with me a lot when I first heard it because I was in a dark place in my life, and still kind of am, but this is a stellar song no matter the mood.

  2. Deftones - 'Gauze'
Koi No Yokan is probably my favorite album of the year. It's an incredibly moving and beautiful album from start to finish, and at first I had a hard time choosing my favorite track, but after a few listens, 'Gauze' was the clear winner. Its crushing opening riff smacks you in the face before moving to a soaring melodious chorus, one of the best of the band's career. Love the hell out of this song. 'Entombed' is a close second, though.
  2. Tremonti - 'Decay'
Alter Bridge and Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti's solo effort 'All I Was' was probably my most anticipated album this year, and it delivered full force. Mark gets to show off his heavier influences in most tracks, accompanied by his immaculate ability to melt you face with undeniably great solos. This was another album I had a hard time choosing a favorite track from, because there isn't a weak one in the bunch. It came down to 'Leave It Alone' and 'Decay', but the latter prevailed because it's just such a great album closer. It lacks one of Tremonti's signature solos, but makes up for it by packing one of the most monstrously awesome riffs I've heard in years along with a catchy-as-hell chorus.
  4. Fear Factory - 'Recharger' 
After FF's triumphant return with 'Mechanize' a couple of years ago, I was fully ready for them to continue bludgeoning me with their brand of industrial brutality with 'The Industrialist'. I listened to the living shit out of 'Recharger', the album's first single, before the album came out, and I still continue to do so. The single may be my favorite track, but don't think for a second that the whole album isn't a worthy effort, because it sure as hell is. 'Recharger' is my pick simply for the amazing chorus and "ALL OF THIS MUSTARD!"
  5. Soulfly - 'Redemption of Man by God'
Soulfly's last couple of albums were kind of dull, particularly 'Omen', so color me surprised when 'Enslaved' comes out and blows me away with how fantastic it is. Max and co. seem to have found their stride again. There are a number a great songs to choose from here, especially the mini epic 'Chains', which I would actually considered tied with 'Redemption of Man by God', but it doesn't get much better than Max Cavelera and Dez Fafara trading screams and snarls back and forth while being backed by guitar prodigy Marc Rizzo's exceptional playing. This song is an instant metal classic. 
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@GunstarRed said:

I dunno, I mostly just listen to soundtrack stuff these days

Yeah, me too. I mostly just listen to film and game soundtracks when it comes to modern stuff.

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Cat Power - Ruin

Mystery Tapes - Sheila

Hot Chip - These Chains

Walk the Moon - Anna Sun

G.O.O.D Music - Don't Like

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I think 2012 has been a really weak year musically, but I'll TRY to contribute to this thread. So, without further ado, let me list my top five tracks of the year (in no particular order):

Green Day - Amy: The former punks from Berkeley have fallen on hard times; their singer's been in rehab for a couple of months due to a (somewhat childish) meltdown at a festival, they've sold out to the max, they've greatly alienated their fanbase (again), and they released their worst album ever back in September (Uno). While Dos was definitely more of a step back in the right direction, the album still didn't measure up to any of their material leading up to and including Warning (other than their debut); they did, however, release this moving tribute to the late Winehouse on Dos, so I'll forgive them.

The Sword - The Veil of Isis: I've been following this band for three years or so, and I can't get enough of them! Although their new album might not have been quite as good as Age of Winters or Warp Riders, they still nailed it here.

Dethklok - Biological Warfare: Being a huge fan of Metalocalypse, I was really excited about the new Dethklok album; let's just say I wasn't disappointed hahaha

Periphery - Facepalm Mute: Well, Periphery's image has kind of been ruined by the great, scene-focused evil known as Hot Topic. Fortunately, the appeal this band has in the godawful scene world derives from the neutral aspects of the style as opposed to the negative ones, and while other bands have ineffectively tried to incorporate these better elements in their music, Periphery nailed it here. And for the prog metal music fanatic, this album is an absolute treat due to the musical proficiency of the band members and the subtle complexities throughout the 69-minute (yes, that was deliberate) run-time. Also, shut up about Sponce's vocals; at least he can sing, unlike some of the other wannabe assholes on the market.

Jack White - Love Interruption: Blunderbuss was a phenomenal album, and I think Jack White's songwriting talent especially shined through on this track. Simple yet effective.

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  1. Lambchop - "Gone Tomorrow"
  2. Fiona Apple - "Werewolf"
  3. Frank Ocean - "Super Rich Kids"
  4. Aesop Rock - "Grace"
  5. Kendrick Lamar - "Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst"
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it pleases me greatly to see you have nods to both pinback and hot chip. both are phenomenal bands, and both those records were really good. i'd also include pinback's 'proceed to memory' and hot chip's 'look at where we are.' but for the sake of the new, i'll avoid those 2. as for my 5 (in no particular order)-

the walkmen - dreamboat. generally under-appreciated band, really awesome if you're a fan of vintage tones.

burial - ashtray wasp. this one is particularly good if you've followed his past few releases. goes to interesting places.

bat for lashes - laura. another one that's enriched by knowing her back-catalogue, but great minimalism.

baroness - psalms alive. really amazing to hear them try new things.

sylosis - out from below. if melodic thrash/death is your jam, these boys bring it.
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@murisan: You're welcome.

@mellotronrules: Yes, Laura by Bat for Lashes is up there for me, it's a great song.