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That Das Keyboard with blank keys has been on my wish list for years. I've never pulled the trigger, though.

Write. Write like there's no tomorrow. Write short stories. Write out your thoughts. Write out ideas for stories. Write summaries of movies, TV shows, and books you've read. Take articles from web sites and magazines and type them out. Seeing a pattern here? Write! It all comes down to muscle memory, and the more you do it, the more engrained it will become.

I was a self taught pianist, but once I hit college, I had to take lessons for my major. My eyes were glued to the keyboard, which made site-reading anything a pain in the ass. My instructor essentially put a box over the piano keys so I couldn't see them anymore.

As for taking a typing class? It may or not be your thing. If you take it anywhere outside grade school/high school, chances are you'll end up in a class with a lot of older folks who don't really use computers. You'll grow bored of going to a class that moves at a snail's pace. I've never taken a typing course. My college required Intro to CIS course had a typing component. My teacher got on my case for not adhering strictly to the home row, but I typed 30-40wpm faster than her.

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I think it boils down to how young you are when you are introduced to computers and typing, I was a nipper when I got access too a computer and can never remember a time that I couldn't touch type to some extent. My technique isn't the most efficent though as I tend to only use 2 fingers on each hand as opposed to all 5 of them. I guess I could improve on that but I guess I'm stuck in my old ways.

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I can only type 90 wpm

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I remember Mavis Beacon making me type non-words for several minutes. That was hell. When it got to REAL words, I could type much better. Something about having to think about each individual letter instead of the entire word just pissed me off about those typing exercises.

I hope we never get rid of the QWERTY keyboard because I refuse to learn anything else ever again.

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@supersambo said:

People take typing classes?

Surely you just get used to it over time with use?

Yeah this is what I thought. After years of using IM I think I just picked it up? TBH I don't know how you get to the internet now a days and not know how to touch type, not to sound snobby I just literally don't know. I'll check out these typing sites though and see if I've been doing it 'wrong' all these years but I know where everything is on the keyboard without having to look down and use multiple fingers, is that the definition of what good typing is?

*Edit* And I just looked, this thread is over a year old, damn you necro threads!

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I taught myself with the help of a some program I can't remember when I was something like 16 years old. I started once and gave up, but I persevered the second time.

The beginning sucked, at least for me. It seemed nearly impossible, but you just have to go a little bit at a time. The program I used focused on a small number of keys at first and added more as you got better. There is definitely a tipping point where you can actually produce text at a reasonable speed and after that you are just going to get better and better pretty fast by just writing.

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So recently I decided I needed to learn how to type for real. I've been doing the lessons on typing-lessons.org and it is hell. I stopped typing the old "peck and hunt" way cold turkey, and everything is taking FOREVER to type. Like this post, 5 minutes in and this is all that I have. =(

Has anyone else had to learn to type properly after childhood? Did you stick with it? It sucks...

I learned to type when I was in high school. I used to chat on aim. eventually just decided to remember where the keys are and then it all clicked. Once you figure out where each key is your mind will remember and you should be able to picture the keyboard in your head. You may not be able to "memorize" key placement, but the feel of typing will come to you and you will know where each key is. Once you have that down, then you can stop looking at the keyboard and the typing website should be helpful.

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Yeah, that's how I typed for years, but with enough practice and perseverance I can type pretty fast without looking now. Don't feel bad if you never stop looking occasionally at the key board thoough. I think even the most adept typers do that occasionally.

My advice to you is just keep typing. Whether that be through a program, writing short stories or even just interacting with the community like this. Remember, practice makes perfect for a reason.

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Create a makeshift shield out of cardboard and use it to cover your entire keyboard while you play Typing of The Dead or something like that.

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if it werent for a class in highschool that thy randomly put me in i never would have learned i think. still didn't type terribly slowly but i was only using two fingers on each hand and had to look at the keyboard.

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Okay. I found one. It is online, and I've started practicing. Authors claim that I will be typing like a crazy son-of-a-gun in 2-3 weeks. This is kinda tempting. It's called SOLO. www.solotyping.com Behold, undead hordes! :D

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I just realised how insane my way of typing is. I use the full spectrum of fingers on my left hand, and it does all the space/shift work. I only use index and middle fingers on my right hand to hit the furthermost right quarter of the alphabet, or the numpad.

Well whatever, it works.

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I learned how to touch type when I was 28. I used a Linux program called gtypist. Just do the drills and stick with it and you will be typing 70wpm+ in no time. Just don't get in the habit of looking at your fingers at all. Keep your eyes on the screen and you will improve.

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I use index and middle finger of both hands and have never used the home row or any of the other proper typing techniques. The minute I think about how I am typing is when it all falls apart. I wasn't even sure until I checked just now how many fingers on my left hand I use as it is normally outside of my field of view when I type. It is most certainly an evolved hunt and peck though. I just don't have to hunt anymore and do not have to look at the keyboard.

There have been some silly moments a couple times in my life when I have been halfway in to a bottle of brown that I thought about maybe getting one of those court reporter deals and learning how to type with those. :p

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I guess it's because I grew up with PC games and programming stuff, but I find it mindblowing how many people can't touch type. I guess I don't follow the "proper form" either though (eg. I use my right ring finger also for the keys you are supposed to use your right pinky for which I have devoted just to right shift).

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Just half an hour a day on Making Bacon. Now it's how I naturally type.

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I am honestly surprised by how many people can't touch type. I learned how to do this back when I was 8, even though I was much slower and horribly at it then.

My guess, just take a typing course. You can create makeshift "shields" to block your line of sight. Another great way to learn how to type quickly is play an MMO, as a Healer, and only use your keyboard whilst in the middle of raids. You will learn how to type incredibly quickly as you may get your tank/dps murdered whilst typing.

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@warchief: i went with Baby Souls DAS cherry mx blue but i could probably hang with the Ultimate Edition just fine. either way, man it just feels so good. THE CLICKING! i was a dumbass and spilled beer on it a couple times though, but it seems fully recovered now.

i have one of the newer-ish razers at work and i know people like to shit on them but it also feels terrific. my DAS would probably be too loud for work anyway...

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I learnt in high school around 15 or more years ago. We had classes and practiced on electric typewriters.

I'm curious, do they still teach touch-typing at school nowadays? Or is it just assumed that you can type?

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Yes, learning to type is that difficult at the beginning. But you'll get just as fast as anyone with some good practice.