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Hey duders I was watching the new trailer for Hotline Miami and I noticed Giant Bomb get a passing mention right behind the two video game news behemoths that are Eurogamer and IGN.

What are some other game trailers and commercials that mention Giant Bomb? Why don't more games make mention of Giant Bomb? Is praise from Giant Bomb not the highest of honors?

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Giantbomb was featured a few times in Indie Game: The Movie

I think Giantbomb isn't quoted more because their reviews tend to come out later than other sites and they aren't very reliable as to whether they will do a review at all for a lot of games.

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I saw Brad in the Gametrailers review of minecraft If I recall right.

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Top left if you missed it.

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Apparently Watch_Dogs as well.

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@akyho: Wait, that game was a Platinum Hit? I was led to believe that it was a financial failure and led to Rare working on CoD multiplayer maps.

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That's sick! I'd love to see more if people know of any more?

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I've always kind of wondered how big a deal Giantbomb is in comparison to other game sites. Promo mentions like that probably aren't a good measurement, but when you do see it, it kinda feels like 'oh hey, they noticed GB exists!'

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Hotline Miami really can't decide on a logo it seems, I've seen 3 so far.

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@droop: Limbo had a box release?

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For some reason I can't see the quote from Brad saying "Best Xbox 360 exclusive" in his review for Nuts and Bolts. That reminds me that I've got to play Nuts and Bolts.

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@naru_joe93: apparently there was a special edition made.

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@naru_joe93: The 'Special Edition', yeah. Came with game disc (with soundtrack), 3D glasses, a sticker and some art prints. Might be Europe only, not sure.

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That Banjo quote was from the yearly awards, and the GB guys have talked before about it being weird taken out of context.

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Well, I'm going to go play some Hotline Miami now. Fuck, what a game.

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They gave watch dogs the greatest game ever of all time award, according to it's latest trailer.