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Straight out the gates, Troll 2 serves us up with a heaping portion of commentary exclusively devoted to an era in decline. It pokes a mean and hard stare at the 80's casuality of culture which was designed as a pillow for the reactive Nixon era. What causes anyone to glaze over with a lack of admiration at this master stroke of genus, could be because of how close it hits home. I mean, even after watching it for the first time in 2011, I sat there slacked-jawed at just how right the movie plays on the cultural issues. 
It doesn't even have trolls in it, and to make matters worse, it was made by an foreigner. Which raises an interesting question, was he even aware that he was making the kind of art (that is clearly up on the screen) on purpose? 
Enter "Best Worst Movie", a documentary about the background of Troll 2 and how in the hell this Thing came to exist. You are brought to feel for each actor who was a part of this product, as for most people connected with it, the movie has essentially still-birthed potential careers. It was really sad to see these people that you care about so much, end up fighting past disillusionment, or wallowing in what will never be. More importantly, however, is the director of Troll 2 clearly irate over the cult status of Troll 2. It is amazing though that, despite his admittance of "simply reporting his observances of North American of the 80's" his disillusionment concerning why people (today specifically) love the movie, keeps the man from truly embracing his creation fully in the documentary. As his composure ruins a perfect opportunity. 
You probably won't find this perspective surrounding the real genesis behind Troll 2 anywhere online, because I will admit that 
1. I am borrowing from my previous personal investigations of Paul Verhoeven, and why his movies tend to slip away from critical acceptance. 
2. This blog isn't about Troll 2, despite being about Troll 2. I am using it to illustrate my disdain for PR forum posting, viral marketing, the current state of the video games industry, and my perspective as a foreigner 
ergo, this doesn't belong on forums

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Everyone flag this dude so the mods have good justification to ban him.

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Jesus H. Christ, someone writes a humorous, sarcastic, write-up of a terrible movie and you throw him to the wolves...

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I think we're officially sick of this troll, and the one with the batman crotch as his avatar- can we please just get rid of them?

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Anything with troll in the title is an immediate concern.

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*dismissive wanking motion*

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@TooWalrus: I think his avatar of Bobby Kotick says it all.
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@Akrid: Done and Done
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They're eating her. And then they're going to eat me. Oh my god.

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@HURRyDURRy:That's not really clever satire, though you do write reasonably well. It would be better if you could be more direct and say what you don't like rather than draw the reader in with bullshit and then roll out a rather flaccid, paunchy critique. You being foreign has nothing to do with your 'perspective'. Advertising happens everywhere and you speak English so you're seeing the same advertising we all are.

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I think this thread and its awkwardly-presented message about PR/viral marketing/whatever has run its course.