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I love my cats but sometimes they can get so boring. All they do is sleep, sleep, and sleep. When they’re awake, I also can’t always play with them because it’s either I’m busy or they like doing things on their own. Cats are really complicated housemates if you ask me. So how can you make your pet cats less boring? Ever heard of XLR8? It turns your boring cat into a wickedly amazing supercar!

XLR8 is an app developed by 2XL Games, the leader in digital driving games who also produced games such as 2XL ATV Offroad 2009 and 2XL TROPHYLITE Rally. Using the accelerometers and GPS of your Android or iOS device, XLR8 realistically creates engine sounds to match your cat's every move. When your cat’s running, it’ll sound like a NASCAR race car. Even if your cat’s not moving, it’ll still sound like a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. You’ll definitely have a great time laughing with amusement with this ingenious app combined with your cat. It features Hollywood-quality recordings of authentic engine sounds of five racing favorites like the Classic v8 Muscle Car, NASCAR, Ford GT40, Ferrari sports car, and Lamborghini Supercar. For $0.99, you can forever change the boring relationship you have with you cat.

Okay, the app isn’t exactly made for cats, it’s for cars. But it’s fun to be used with cats! You can even use it with your pet dog, horse, iguana, or whatever living thing you want to use it with. How about using it yourself? Hmmm.

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Can I interest you in an Encyclopedia of Numbers?

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Wow, that advert was bad.

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So wacky.

How can we advertise our dumb app? Cats are trendy right?

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How do you get the cat to stay still for the drilling process?

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I fucking lost it at the bad 3D model "Here's how it works" part. Totally nailed it.

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Honestly I laughed hard at that 3D cat and the iPad.

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Seems this should have been said sooner, given the user's posting history, but please don't advertise on Giant Bomb. Thanks!