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My wife and I have just finished watching the season finale to Lost. We thoroughly enjoyed the series. I personally loved the character development and pacing of the show. Well, we enjoyed watching the show together and I wanted to get the giant bomb community's suggestions on the T.V. show series we should embark on next (Perferrably something we can get via Amazon Prime/Instant video or Netflix). My wife doesn't like a lot of nudity in the shows we watch, so keep that in mind. Series we have already seen and enjoyed watched include, Dexter, 24, and various comedy shows like Friends, Arrested Development and Frasier. Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

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Fringe - Smart pseudoscience problem of the week type show. Slightly more lighthearted than Xfiles

Community - Hilarious comedy

Sherlock - Funny crime show with great characters

Monk -Same as above but not British

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Have you watched Breaking Bad yet? I can't recommend it enough. It handles the pacing and character development exceptionally well, and it's available on Netflix instant!

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Star Trek.

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Deep Space Nine: the first season is kinda rough but it gets soooo good.

Buffy the vampire slayer: solid gold

Strangers with candy: very very funny.

Parks and recreation: kind of like the office but ALOT better.

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Breaking Bad looks interesting, we might have to give that a shot...anyone watch and enjoy Prison Break?

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If you like Friends you would probably like That 70s show or How I Met Your Mother, oh and Big Bang Theory. People have different opinions on House, but I thoroughly enjoy it and highly suggest it. If you need something short Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is only a season but is some of the best TV I have ever seen.

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Breaking Bad - Unlike most shows that have subsequent seasons that aren't quite as good as the first (like Lost), Breaking Bad is a rare thing where each season is better than the one before it.

Twin Peaks - see how much this show inspired Lost and many shows to come

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Mad Men

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Friday Night Lights, Chuck, Gilmore Girls (don't hate, that show is fantastic.), How I met your Mother, Veronica Mars.

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Top Recommendation from me- Breaking Bad.

Bar none, One of the most best TV shows I've ever watched.

I would also recommend Sherlock, Its funny and very intelligent with great writing from Steven Moffat.

Community and Park Recreations are quite funny to watch too.

EDIT: I was going to suggest Boardwalk Empire but it does have nudity in it, But if you're open to it I would recommend checking it out too.

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Boardwalk Empire - Brilliant, but there is some nudity.

Breaking Bad - Already mentioned several times, its simply a really great series.

If your willing to go back in time a little bit:

Crime Story - Michael Mann crime goodness, classic.

On the Air - David Lynch humor, need I say more.

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I second Buffy, Community, and Parks and Recreation.

Parks and Rec starts off a little iffy, but gets really good in season 3.(3 seasons available on netflix)

Buffy, season one again kinda iffy, but the rest, especially the middle of the series is brilliant. If you like Joss Whedon I highly recommend it. (entire series available on netflix)

Community is hilarious. The third season is kind of hit or miss, and a little less funny but more entertaining in other ways. Personally, I really enjoyed the 3rd season. I am worried about the 4th though.(not available on netflix streaming)

Oh, and speaking of Joss Whedon, watch Firefly and it's movie Serenity. It's only 1 season, but a really enjoyable season.(Both the season and the movie are available on Netflix)

I'm also going to Second Breaking Bad. Just watch it, you'll understand.

@Lava: Just going by your criteria, I never really cared for Friends and dislike Big Bang Theory. What are the chances I would like How I Met Your Mother? Neil Patrick Harris and Alyson Hannigan make me want to give it a shot, but I'm very hesitant. Well, that and I feel like if it has 8 seasons it has to be doing something right.

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@leftie68 said:

Breaking Bad looks interesting, we might have to give that a shot...anyone watch and enjoy Prison Break?

the first 2 seasons of PB are excellent. then it goes down hill pretty fast.

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it's standard sitcom stuff. people harp about how great it is but at the end of the day it's just a run of the mill sitcom. nothing special about it.

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I recommend Coupling. Me and the ex watched it twice, once before and once after the split, and that show never failed to make us giggle.

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the UK Life on Mars is fantastic if you can track that down i recommend that.

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I watched the first season of Prison Break back in the day. It was, entertaining enough, I guess. But I quickly gave up on it. Not a ringing endorsement, that.

Some shows available on Netflix instant I will give a ringing endorsement to, however, are...

First the dramas:

You seem to already be intrigued by Breaking Bad so that's good.

Mad Men

Battlestar Galactica


Doctor Who

Terriers (special emphasis on this one it only lasted one season before being canceled but that one season was fucking brilliant please give this a look, also it doesn't end on a extreme cliffhanger or anything, it wraps up quite nicely for a one season show)

And comedies:

Parks and Recreation. Although the first season was not so great. The first season was only 6 episodes long, though, so it's quick to trudge through.

Better Off Ted (again, this one I want to give an extra bump and say please look it over, it only went 2 seasons, but those 2 seasons were brilliant)



And 2 I haven't seen but are supposed to be great

Friday Night Lights

Downton Abbey

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@YI_Orange: Well I am four seasons in and I am absolutely loving it. It's really funny and it is a show that has managed to keep running jokes going for many seasons. Neil Patrick Harris is absolutely fantastic. I was hesitant at first to start it because I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy it or anything; but after my girlfriend got sucked into it she pestered me until I broke down and started watching it too. I've heard it compared to Seinfeld, but with a lot of heart behind it. You care about the characters and there are emotional moments but it never stops being funny.

@JacDG: Gilmore Girls is absolutely fantastic. More people should watch and enjoy that show.

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Doctor Who

Breaking Bad

The Shield

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Modern Family



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Breaking Bad

Doctor Who

The first three seasons of Monk

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@JacDG said:

Friday Night Lights, Chuck, Gilmore Girls (don't hate, that show is fantastic.), How I met your Mother, Veronica Mars.

I agree with the statement about Gilmore Girls. However, when you have watched the entire run at least 5 times over the course of an 18 month period, it can get annoying. Or maybe it was the wife forcing me to watch it so much. Also, Fringe and Dexter.

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I second Justified and Mad Men.

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I just got done with terriers and it was pretty good. The Other Guys, not the movie, is a great funny buddy cop show. Other things on netflix are Trailer Park Boys, or Sports Night. I also enjoyed Gilmore Girls, thought the show was good, but too many love triangles shifting back and forth.

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Oh and I find the show Girls pretty damn entertaining too.

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Mad men

Breaking bad

Friday night lights

Doctor who

The wire


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@DoctorDanger99 said:

Strangers with candy: very very funny.

first time watching it, i couldn't take how ugly the main character was.

but man, one of the best shows ever. grows on you.

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Game of Thrones


Breaking Bad

The Walking Dead

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i know! you spend the first couple of episode thinking,"what the fuck is this shit?" then before you know it your in preverted heaven!

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I agree with the shows that everyone else has mentioned, and one that you guys might enjoy--that is available both on Netflix and Amazon--is Sons of Anarchy. When reading the description for the show I wasn't too interested, but then a friend told me how great it was, so I watched it....and you know what, I agree! I think the show is very entertaining and enjoyable.

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Breaking bad, the best thing on tv the right now.

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Game of Thrones and Friday Night Lights are two shows I recommend.

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  • Breaking Bad
  • Sherlock
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Pushing Daisies
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Breaking Bad. I feel like watching the first 4 seasons again just thinking about it.

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The Wire

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Breaking Bad (The most consistently great show I've ever seen, seriously this is a must)

Game of Thrones



The Walking Dead (Sometimes great, but occasionally stumbles into mediocrity)

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@leftie68: Community is definitely a go-to. Easily three of the best seasons of TV ever produced.

Archer- if you like your comedy actiony and you can handle some MASSIVELY un-PC humor.

Spaced- it's like Big Bang Theory but actually witty. And British. And from the people who would go on to make Shawn of the Dead/Hot Fuzz.

How I Met Your Mother- REALLY wanted to hate this show, but couldn't bring myself to once I actually watched it. VERY subversive.

The Shield- great, gritty cop drama.

Sons of Anarchy- like The Shield, but from the other side of the law.

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Doctor Who. It's totally cheesy and British but I love it to death. Start with the 2005 David Eccleston version.

Edit: Okay, some other duders beat me to it. For more British TV, check out Coupling, Green Wing, and Black Books. Oh, and I can't forget Top Gear.

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On Netflix Instant:

  • Heroes (all four seasons)
  • Jericho (cancelled after two seasons unfortunately, both seasons available)
  • Rescue Me (all seven seasons)
  • The Tudors (all fours seasons, some nudity)
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My recommendations mostly repeat what's already been said, but here goes:

  • Buffy and (to a slightly lesser extent) Angel
  • Battlestar Galactica (2003 version - start with the miniseries which may be sold/listed separately from the first season)
  • Firefly
  • Mad Men
  • Breaking Bad (probably the best show on TV right now, and one of the best shows ever made)
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • The Shield
  • Weeds (The quality of this show varies widely from season to season, but it's a fun ride for the most part. But it contains a fair amount of nudity.)
  • Sherlock
  • Archer (one of the funniest shows I've ever seen)

If I remember correctly, all of these are available on Netflix streaming.

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@leftie68 twin peaks
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Game of Thrones


The Walking dead

South Park

Its always sunny in Philadelphia

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Whenever I see people asking for recommendations for TV the first show I think of is Skins. Unfortunately there is a fair bit of nudity in season 1 so you could pick it up at the start of season 2 (but you'd be half way through the character arc for this set of characters) or at the start of season 3 (which is the beginning of a new set of characters). I also don't think it's available for streaming in America so I don't know how you'd get it. Youtube apparently. I generally think if someone likes the first 15 minutes of Skins they'll enjoy the whole run, even though it is more serious than it starts out as. The American version of Skins has some interesting changes but is not good.

Gilmore Girls is pretty good too but in a very different way.

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He said his wife doesn't like nudity and some of you are recommending Game of Thrones????? Ontopic: Fringe, as mentioned by many, it's from the creators of Lost Chuck, a good mix of action and comedy Nikita (the new series): just go an watch this it's really good

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Surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet, but Freaks and Geeks is perhaps the best show I've ever seen, and perfectly encapsulates the high school experience.

Most other shows have already been recommended (I'll second Pushing Daisies though, that's a great show to watch, especially with a significant other), but if you're looking for a good Drama/Comedy, check out Battleground on Hulu. It's about a senate campaign, and mixes the political idealism, wit, and drama of The West Wing with the goofy antics, awkwardness, and style of the Office.

Speaking of which, how has no one mentioned The West Wing, yet? I never actually got past the fifth season, but the first four are incredible television.

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  • Alias (another JJ Abrams show about spies -- the first three seasons are especially fantastic)
  • Veronica Mars (noir detective series about a teenaged girl trying to find the murderer of her best friend, amazing writing)
  • 30 Rock (Hilarious comedy about making a late-night TV show. Tina Fey is a genius)
  • Mad Men (Great period drama that deserves all the love it gets)
  • The Good Wife (mature, well-written legal drama with great dialogue)

These are my personal faves -- I especially recommend Alias if you liked Lost. Hope you find some stuff you enjoy :)

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