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Drama wise I think it is a shame that Carnivale didn't last longer. It is a very underrated show with a great cast, and a very engrossing story that is unlike any show I can think of recently. The finale didn't even wrap up the story properly. Spaced is another one that should have lasted longer. It is one of the best comedies ever. Thankfully the finale did wrap things up, but I really wanted to see more.

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Seeing as it will be said, let's get it out the way: Firefly.

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Rome , Deadwood  and Spartacus ( get well Andy Whitfield)
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Arrested Development.

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@Tylea002 said:
" Seeing as it will be said, let's get it out the way: Firefly. "
I'm with Tylea.
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@Marcsman said:
" Rome , Deadwood  and Spartacus ( get well Andy Whitfield) "
Spartacus is still on
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@Hunkulese said:
" @Marcsman said:
" Rome , Deadwood  and Spartacus ( get well Andy Whitfield) "
Spartacus is still on "
But Andy Whitfield has cancer so season two is going to need a complete overhaul.
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@Tylea002 said:
" Seeing as it will be said, let's get it out the way: Firefly. "
@SpikeSpiegel said:
" Arrested Development. "
Best answers.
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Fraggle Rock 
Dark Shaddows 
Dark Angel

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terminator tv show 
wasnt perfect but it was fun and season 3 seemed like it would move onto intresting places 
oh and firends for sure

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Stargate SG-1
Stargate Atlantis (Universe is garbage)
Caprica (Should have gotten a chance)
The Boondocks (Not sure if cancelled altogether)  
Dark Angel
I think there's more but I can't recall more right now

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Twin Peaks and Arrested Development are the biggest ones for me.

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@SpikeSpiegel said:
" Arrested Development. "
As much as I love AD, I'm not so sure.  The third season was definitely showing signs that the writers were running out of ideas (the over-reliance on guest stars) and I think that there is something to be said for going out leaving people wanting more.  The fact that the episodes are endlessly rewatchable also helps. 
As dire as most of "Star Trek: Enterprise" was, it was kind of frustrating to see it get axed right as it was finally doing some interesting things. 
And I have to pour one out for "Babylon 5," whose cancellation and then pick-up by TNT after Season 4 really screwed up the 5 year story arc.  Of course, it still had the best series finale I've ever seen, which helps quite a bit.
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The Mighty Boosh.

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@Venatio said:
" Stargate Atlantis (Universe is garbage) "
Universe is clearly no SG-1, but it's still miles better than Atlantis in my mind (I like all three shows by the way).
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Babylon 5 (it finished but I want more) 
Rome (same as Babylon 5)  
And Threshold (I want my foothold and stranglehold)

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Mr. Show. 
Edit: And Freaks and Geeks and Deadwood. Thanks, people below me.

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Freaks and Geeks. 

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@Marcsman said:
" Rome , Deadwood  and Spartacus ( get well Andy Whitfield) "
Motherfuckin' Deadwood.
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All the way
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Monkey Dust.

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@iizcallum said:
" The Mighty Boosh. "
Going through this thread, this is the first show I've actually heard of. 
I hate TV.
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Rome was so fucking good.  Also, Hornblower.

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@Marcsman: I loved Rome, but I think it's a show that was so great because it had the end it had. The writers had that story to tell and didn't write it with the intent of going forever. The Shield is a show like this (arguale it could have ended earlier)...and it went out well...we don't want to Dexter every goo show
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@Zimbo said:
" Freaks and Geeks.  "
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Important Things with Demitri Martin
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Without Andy Whitfield it might as well be over. Dude is Spartacus!!!!!!!!!!
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I agree with you. iIjust wanted more of it
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Rome, Deadwood and Chapelle's Show (If he hadn't have disappeared :[ ).

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Twin Peaks! :'(

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There is no man funnier than Redd Roxx and if the show's humor and actors didn't go so badly around the 4 season than Sanford and Son could have lasted at least 5 or 6 more seasons than it did. It probably would have lasted longer than six seasons anyway if Redd didn't apparently quit. which is funny because he went on to do junky spin off shows. Either way, unfortunately the humor was most certianly dead by the fifth season anyway.

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On Carnivale: I watched that show every week asking myself, wtf is this, and is this a different interpretation of Stephen Kings The Stand. 
My choice like so many others, Arrested Development. More chicken dance would be pretty awesome.


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Firefly and the 4400

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@SpikeSpiegel said:
" Arrested Development. "
Beat me to it lol 
This is without a doubt one of the funniest, most well written shows ever.
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@bosshog70 said:
" Firefly and the 4400 "
Agree on The 4400, that show could've been so much more
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Theres a lot to be said for quality over quantity, going out on a high, and leaving people wanting more. Fawlty Towers and Cowboy Bebop are good examples of this. 
Otherwise you just end up like the Simpsons which was last funny about 10 years ago.
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@Zimbo said:

" Freaks and Geeks.  "

Hell yeah Freaks and Geeks, love that show.
Undeclared, Fastlane, Firefly, Dead Like Me, Moonlight, Wonder Falls. 
And last but not least...
The Golden Girls. (200 Seasons is not enough, thank you for being a friend)
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Pure pwnage, its very focused in its market share audience but still i thought some episodes were priceless, like when he brought a chick home and had her playing xbox. 

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I forgot  Small Wonder. I wanted to see what happen's when the Vicky is supposed to hit puberty.
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The Mighty Boosh.
Pretty sure it isn't canceled.

Anyway. I say NewsRadio and Kids In The Hall.
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Angel; mostly since the bloody thing ended on a cliff hanger >=/

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@HandsomeDead said:
" @Hunkulese said:
" @Marcsman said:
" Rome , Deadwood  and Spartacus ( get well Andy Whitfield) "
Spartacus is still on "
But Andy Whitfield has cancer so season two is going to need a complete overhaul. "
Oh my god. I didn't realise his cancer had returned and that he had actually backed out of the show now. Thanks man, you're a real dick. Ruining my life. I'm gonna jump off a roof.
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Spaced definitely dude. Also Avatar: The Last Airbender (what?! It's a good show!), Fawlty Towers and Firefly I wish had some more episodes to watch cause they're all just so damn good.

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Garth Marenghi's Darkplace. Although it isn't canonically possible.......but ssh.

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Arrested development, The black donnelys, The prisoner - uk series)

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I think Flight of the conchords could have had 1 maybe 2 more seasons but i agree with:

Arrested Development

and although it was a kind of a Quantum leap rip off i thought journeyman was actually getting kinda interesting before that canceled it.

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I'll go all grandpa on you and say  "My So-Called Life"

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Better Off Ted. That shit is hilarious, and also on Netflix Instant.