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I've been getting into a good amount of TV shows that I missed the first time around either by Netflix or just through syndication. The thing with me is I will get really into just one show and watch it all the way through, which can make things like Netflix overwhelming. But it also makes me sad to get to the end after I got to know the characters, which I think is something all writers should be able to do. It's especially sad when you find out that the show was cancelled and the writers may have never gotten to finish their character's arcs.

Anyway, I've gone through Battlestar Galactica, The Office (U.S. version), Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Lost and currently going through Veronica Mars, and I've loved each of them. So does anyone else get attached and get sad when it ends? If so, what shows were they? Am I just crazy who should realize they're not real people?

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Lost, battlestar galactica, the wire

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I missed Babylon 5, and its sequel Crusade, by about 15 years but that has become one of my favourite TV series of all time.

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I got really emotional when the original Full Metal Alchemist ended, it was an emotional ending, but more so because i felt it wasn't over.

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I'm incredibly disappointed Firefly didn't go on longer than a season, but I watched that afterwards. For shows I was there for when they began I still really miss the Sarah Connor Chronicles. Such a great show, ended on such a crazy note, too.
I tend to get attached to most shows I watch though. Most recently I really enjoyed the admittedly flawed Terra Nova. Shame it was cut down so quickly.

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Watch the one and only season of Terriers on netflix instant if you really want to be sad (not because the show is sad, but because it there won't be anymore of it). Pushing Daisies died to young as well.

I guess I get sad mostly when shows get cancelled too early, or when a show I liked turns lousy, like The Office, or Dexter. But I was prepared for the end of Lost, or Battlestar, or other stuff I'd been following for a while like that.

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Twin Peaks. I have mentally rewritten the ending to not be a cliffhanger, because that really bums me out the way it ended.

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I saw Lost when it was on TV and I still miss it so much. But it was much more than a TV show for me. I really miss that time in my life and those I saw it with. Also, being a part of the zeitgeist when it aired was incredible. But yeah, fucking wonderful show from beginning to end.

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I watched most of Lost through Netflix, but saw all of the last season as it aired on TV. I was pretty bummed when it ended, but even more so that I couldn't just watch a bunch of episodes back to back like I had grown used to with Netflix.

Firefly was just a fucking shame that it only lasted one season. Such a good show.

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Six Feet Under. Bought the series box set for cheap and instantly fell in love with it. Probably my favorite show

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I never really knew Bob's Burgers existed until a few weeks ago. But it's hilarious, and I spent an entire night just going through the first season on Netflix.

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30 Rock, Doctor Who and Futurama.

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I was incredibly sad when HBO's Rome ended, because not only do I love roman history, but it was just plain amazing.

I find myself also a bit attached to Battlestar Galactica now that I've started watching it, which is weird, since I actively hated most of it throughout season 1 and still do. None of the characters seemed to actually get good for me till Cylon Sharon, there are a couple more now, but most of them are just extremely gullible imbeciles, they never think things through, might as well be a bunch of children.

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Deep Space 9. Best star trek by a mile and well ahead of the shows at the time. Still superior to the majority of shows today.

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I would say the Office US. In my mind, its basically run its course now. I rarely watch the new episodes, and find myself really disappointed when I do. I grew really attached to Jim and Pam (the guy I wanna be and the girl I wanna be with), and their whole romance was handled exceptionally well by the writers and actors. I can't really go into it, or I get all weepy.

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I love Netflix and Hulu. I find that I can get into shows a lot easier if I am able to watch several episodes at a clip. I didn't watch Lost, Heroes, Dollhouse, 24, or Sarah Connor Chronicles when they were on the air, but I watched them all on Netflix. I recently got into Parks and Recreation after watching all the back episodes on Netflix then subscribing to Hulu Plus to watch all the current episodes. After subscribing to Hulu Plus I checked out their "exclusives", The Booth at the End and End Game are both surprisingly good shows.

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@SlightConfuse said:

Lost, battlestar galactica, the wire


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24 and Quantum Leap for me.

I had started watching 24 from season 7 and really enjoyed it, so I watched season 8 when it aired and the rest through Netflix, and god what a ride it was. It actually made the last two seasons even better knowing what lead up to them.

For Quantum Leap I had watched an episode on G4 and remembered that I had really wanted to check the show out, so I watched what Netflix had and used G4 for the other episodes, especially the last one, which almost brought me to tears. What a great show, both of em really.

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Quantum Leap. What a great show. Saw an episode of it on G4 and wanted more, so I decided to see if it was on Netflix, and by god, it was.
So awesome.

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Shows that I have gotten attached to are Friday Night Lights, The Office (U.S.) after Michael Scott left and a little known anime called School Rumble. I was happy yet a little distort seeing how FNL ended, but everything ended up alright with what happened with the cast like Coach Taylor. For The Office, Michael's departure marked the end of the series for me, for while The Office has had other key players in the series, Scott was the one to produce most of the laughs and the way they ended Scott's career are Regional Manager was very fitting and emotional. School Rumble is one of my guilty pleasures, for its an anime about high school love triangles, but the humor in how these characters handle their situations and the way they react to others is funny as hell. I wish Funimation would end the series properly like they did in the mangas, but from what I've heard, Funimation tends to end their comedies too soon.  
As fo shows I've missed but I want to watch more of, I've been missing out on Psych, and after seeing the pilot, I'm curious to see more. I have similar feelings for Breaking Bad, which I need to watch the first season to catch up with what is currently called the best show on tv right now.

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@joshthebear said:

Six Feet Under. Bought the series box set for cheap and instantly fell in love with it. Probably my favorite show

That show is awesome.

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The Wire.

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Super bummed when Buffy ended, it was great but I felt like it could have been better so I was equally bummed that it was over and that it wasn't better. Though, I think that speaks to how much I liked it so I still think it's one of the best shows ever.

I was depressed when The Wire ended but that went away quick, that show felt like it showed me everything it wanted to show.

Also, I started watching Chuck at season 3 and went back to watch the first 2, they were so amazing, I was gloomy after that S2 finale.

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Twin Peaks and The Twilight Zone.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation, it is a slow and sometimes painful burn through those campy beardless seasons. I have literally gotten through two seasons of the Doctor Who reboot between having the strength of will to go back to TNG.

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Rome, Spartacus, Pillars of the Earth, Breaking Bad, The Shield, Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy, Twilight Zone, Fawlty Towers, Monty Python's Flying Circus, I Love Lucy...there are more that I can't remember right now.

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I really liked Farscape. Also, I'm amazed Xena hasn't been mentioned yet.
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I really like Neon Genesis Evangelion and where the show went at the end made me sad, and not for the right reasons.

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I recently watched the entire series of Undeclared in one day and found myself extremely saddened when it ended.

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Bored to Death

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In terms of shows that are on Netflix I was attached to Drawn Together since it first appeared on Comedy Central and was sad to see it cancelled.

Another cancelled show that I really miss was this one called Drive. It had so many good actors and upcoming actors (including Emma Stone right before she was in Super Bad and her career blew up). Its hard to even find clips youtube at this point, this is the best I could find. Here is the IMDb page.

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Dinosaurs, Married With Children, Everybody Loves Raymond, I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, 8 Simple Rules

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Spaced and Firefly

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Bummed when they said no 5th season of I.T Crowd. But I am glad that they stopped while it was still good.

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Firefly, Deadwood, The Wire, FlashForward, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, and Defying Gravity.

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I'm still bitter about the ending to quantum leap. I watched that when I was younger and enjoyed it but then it has one of the biggest,pointless, cop-out endings I've ever seen in a show. I honestly sometimes still get bummed out about it!
On a similar note that Journeyman show a couple of years ago was starting to go somewhere before they cancelled it.

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I may just be repeating what everyone else has said, but I miss Firefly and Sarah Connor Chronicles a bunch. I also really want another series of Black Books, Freaks and Geeks and Spaced, but know it will never happen.

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arrested development although they are making a new season and a film now after 6 years

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I wish I would go on and on about my feelings towards it all, but I feel like there's too much to say and it'd turn out jumbled. All I'll say are the shows. Star Trek: The Next Generation, Miami Vice, and to a lesser extent, Full House, and Home Improvement. Maybe later I'll come back and talk about it all, but right now, I can't.

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For days after finishing Flight of the Conchords, there was a sadness on me because there was no more.

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The Wire.  
I have all five seasons on DVD and I'm sad because I have less than 10 episodes left to watch.

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The Greatest American Hero, Black Books, Firefly

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Every time a Doctor Who series ends I get very sad. I watched Lost in one go so that was rough when it ended. I hated when Stargate SG1 ended, especially the last 2 seasons where Richard Dean Anderson went away.

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Cowboy Bebop, Firefly, Game of Thrones

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I wish that they made dramas as good as Band of Brothers these days

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Got into Stargate SG-1 last summer and pretty much watched all 10 seasons...still wish it was going strong! Such as fantastic cast of people! A shame none of their post Stargate stuff was really any good. Sanctuary was cool the first season, but the change in characters and tone kinda ruined it.

Also got deep into X-Files around 2007. No other show has come close to as much as I love the X-Files. The atmosphere and the chemistry between the two leads was amazing! Had Firefly gone one for a few more seasons I think it would hold the top spot that X-Files holds!

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-Arrested Development. I started watching it a year after it ended, and the finale was such a bummer. Can't wait for the movie.

-Trailer Park Boys. Shame that it ended, but I'm glad it did before it got ruined. The penultimate season was such a great ending for the show, but then they made one more season that wasn't as great as the previous ones.

-The Simpsons was so good, and almost suddenly became so unwatchable.

-King of The Hill: the more episodes I watch, the more I get bummed out at two things: the fact that I ignored it when it was on the air, and that it was cancelled. I like to think it ended before it was run into the ground like The Simpsons is today, and I hope I'm right.

I'm not sure if I should mention The Office. Even with Steve Carell gone, the show is still holding, though barely. The last couple of episodes were the first in a long time that I disliked.

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Life on Mars (UK) was one I came really late too, and was sad to see it go, but pretty satisfied with the ending.