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Two weeks ago, on Tuesday at 1:00 PM, I went in to have my mouth checked for cavities, and since I hadn't gotten my wisdom teeth extracted yet, I got three of the four out. At first, my mouth bled for two days, but aside from that, I didn't have any pain nor did I swell up on the cheeks. The only problem was that I have this cut, or what may be a canker sore under the right side of my tongue, and for the first week, it made it really hard to swallow anything.

While it's still not perfect and is somewhat bothersome to swallow stuff, it's much better, but my question is, I'm tired of the same foods and drinks I've been eating and I just want to move on to the normal stuff like pizza or what have you. Obviously, everyone's mouth heals differently, so you can't tell what's best for me, but from your own experience, two weeks in, what were you eating? Since then, I've been sticking to only yogurt, pudding, chicken broth, cream of chicken and drinks like Slim Fast or Ensure.

I tried a few other things, like mash potatoes, but that was the first week and I couldn't do it with the canker sore. Maybe I'll try it today, I don't know. I feel like when it comes to the sockets, those are doing fine, but I am also a bit worried about it. I would hate to eat anything too rough and then have it start bleeding again... Anyways, I was just wondering what your guys' experience were with this. I'm just typing this because I'm hungry for the pizza in the freezer, and I don't think I can eat it.

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I removed both of my bottom wisdom teeth this summer, after removing the stitches I started eating normal food. I would recommend eating food that doesn't require a lot of chewing and doesn't get stuck in the wound. Salmon filet worked for me, chicken if sliced up into small pieces. You could try pizza if it hurts too much stop, no point in feeling pain with every bite.

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@ntm: I'd recommend using Listerine like three times a day to numb the pain. I can only imagine that it's from your mouth drying up too much. I get those sort of "sores" almost every time I get something done at the dentist and it really sucks. Recently I had my old filling replaced with one of those new tooth colored types and a week later it still hurts when I eat anything crunchy. That is not as bad as the sore I had on that side of my mouth though.

When I had my 7 pulled a few months ago I had three of those because it was so incredibly difficult to get the tooth out.

To avoid discomfort I'd suggest not eating anything crunchy, or "tangy" like tomato sauce. Spicy food can also cause lasting pain. Honestly if you want to minimize your discomfort stick with the soups and broth, use Listerine a lot, and maybe look into getting over the counter ointments to use for the inside of your mouth.

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The canker sore, while I've had them before (four at most in my entire life), and they hurt even if you're not eating; this one doesn't hurt, it's just annoying and is merely noticeable when I swallow. The fact that it doesn't really hurt though is what makes me wonder if it's a canker sore or not.

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I'm so sorry for all the people that suffer with bad mouth stuff. I just had my first ever filling a few weeks back, it was utterly painless and stress free, super quick and I had no issues whatsoever afterwards.


Get on that soup tip, I suppose.

Or, go see your local medical professional, I suppose?

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Sadly I have had many a tooth removed, but after 3-4 days I have always been back to eating like normal. When it was bad I just stuck to stuff I could mash and not really rely on my teeth to chew. Stuff like mashed potatoes, alphagetti, Kraft Dinner, eggs, chunky soups, french fries if cooked correctly, grilled cheese, and various sandwiches.

Wish ya the best of luck. Mouth pain after that kind of work is a nightmare if it doesn't heal right. And you will be tonguing those holes in your gums for some time. That was what drove me nuts the most.

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After getting my wisdom teeth removed I ate a lot of egg-involved dishes. Rice can be a little annoying if it gets stuck, but it can be easy to swallow in one large gulp if you get practiced at it well enough.

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I think I was able to eat almost anything two weeks after having my wisdom teeth out, but for a least 4-5 days I lived on Jell-o and chicken soup. I remember feeling terrified that I was going to get something stuck in the sockets and it'd be sealed inside my jaw forever...

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As someone who has had all 4 out at once when I was 15, I'd say eat what you want, but just be careful when doing so. I went right back to solid foods the very next day by hitting up Subway for a feed. The most difficult part was how stiff my jaw was lol.

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Is the time really that varying? My gf had her wisdom teeth removed just a few months ago on a Friday I believe, and by later on Sunday into Monday she was 100% good. I didn't know some people could be affected for weeks by it.

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I had all 4 of my wisdom tooth removed in one go. I was basically eating well cooked noodles and porridge for a week while high on pain killers. Let me tell you, dry socket is a bitch.

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I've only had 1 out so far, but I think I started eating solid food within a few days. I'm sure it will be fine to have that pizza.

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Anything? It's been two weeks, I think you're good.

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I had my wisdom teeth out this past summer and I was able to eat whatever I wanted after a week. Eat what you like and stop eating it if it causes you problems.

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It's been a while but I'm pretty sure I was back to a normal diet by two weeks.

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@fattony12000: My mouth isn't painful (as stated in the first post), and feelings aren't anything really. All it is is numbness; that is, if you actually have to get them filled.

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@pause422: People can be affected by it for months actually.

@crusader8463: It's not painful, and I haven't had the desire to put my tongue back there.

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I had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled on a Tuesday. By Thursday I stopped taking the pain pills (they caused some serious migraines, I just switched to Ibuprofen) and I had pizza that Saturday. And yeah, I constantly got the urge to put my tongue back there.

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eat more teeth, i hear that is how you get the new ones.

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This thread is useful for me as I am booking an appointment for this exact thing tomorrow because I am getting jaw pain from my wisdom teeth (plus one side of my mouth has swollen gums from one of them trying to pop out but because it is touching a molar, it isn't gonna happen). I think I would go with pizza or steak. Something you can eat in smaller bites.

I have to get all 4 done. It is going to suck. I thought I only had 2 wisdom teeth until two months ago when the bottom ones started showing. Now they are causing me tons of issues. The two on the top of my mouth haven't cause me an issue in the 4 years they've been up there.

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The most pain I had from three wisdom teeth being removed was some itching where the stitches were. So yeah, not sure I can help much, but might I suggest... hamburger?

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I did it one side at a time, so I could eat most things pretty quickly. Didn't even take painkillers. I found that trying to eat more normally made me feel better. Egg dishes and rice noodles are pretty good during the recovery period, but I think in 2 weeks I pretty much ignored them (unless things get stuck in the holes.)

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Don't eat apples, I learned this when I got all four of mine removed. They get stuck in the wound and are a bitch to get out.

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@audiobusting: Yeah, I'm not really taking the painkillers either since there isn't any pain, other than when I moved my tongue in a certain way because of the sore.

@ben_h: I have one more, and um... Let's just say, due to the initial bleeding and having gauze in the mouth for a day and a half, and the fact that I couldn't eat what I wanted, I swore, and still swear that I will not get the other one out (as long as it doesn't bother me). I'm done. While others have had a lot of pain where it was extracted, I haven't, but still, it's not something I ever want to go through again.

I was actually depressed the first week, and I rarely get depressed.Furthermore, I felt like, when I was at the dentist, they had asked me if I wanted them extracted. They weren't bothering me, but for some reason I felt like I had to get them out, so I did. I regretted doing it, but in the end I probably will be happy they're out. I'm not sure about you, but I was laughing with the first extraction, but the other two, which took a little longer, had my palms sweating.

And though when you're there, the crunch sound of it as they yank it out isn't all that bad, in hindsight, it's not great. Just thinking about it... Ugh.

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I honestly don't remember what I did. I got them out when I was 16 so...like nine years ago or so.

I think I had some shakes and stuff but after two weeks I was eating normal food.

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I got by on smoothies and soft pasta dishes when I got my wisdom teeth removed.

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When my wisdom teeth were pulled I lived on breakfast shakes for a week, then moved on to lightly buttered bread. I think I could eat normally 3 weeks in or so.

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I had all four removed last Wednesday and got three canker sores across my bottom lip. I've been eating a lot of bananas and tangerines. I've also had pea soup, pulled pork, a lot of different styles of eggs and pumpkin pie. I've had french fries but you really need them to be the right type of french fry. It can't be too thick or crispy.

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It's been a few years but i remember eating normally within like a week? I did have alot of pasta and eggs though before that. Maybe i'm remembering it wrong though. I just remember eating like chicken wings with the big gaping hole in the back right of my mouth and i just tilted my head to the left and chewed on the left, but thats me.

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Two weeks in I was eating completely normally.

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Crazy. I was eating white castles the same night I had my wisdom teeth removed. I was eating fairly normally a few days after, and by the next week I was eating things like steak.

However, to prepare for being unable to eat solid foods, I had made myself a large pot of congee. It's an Asian rice porridge that's pretty much like chicken noodle soup when it comes to sick/comfort food. To this, I crumbled in ground beef. No need to chew, it's hearty, and has protein.

I just had to be very careful to wash out my sockets; those healed up and filled up very fast. In fact, by the time I went in for a check up two weeks later, I was basically 100%.

Four wisdom teeth, all very deeply impacted. They put me under and gave me painkillers. I ended up taking them the next day, in fear of the pain people were telling me about. The only pain was the dehydration they caused. It really messed up my stomach.

Look for a product called Tanac for your sore. Its an oral antiseptic that also numbs the crap out of the area where it's applied. You'll be able to eat comfortably again.

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@rejizzle: I hope by week three I'll be eating normally. Luckily, I rarely eat much on Thanksgiving, one of the biggest dinners of the year, so that won't be a huge problem.

@clonedzero: That would be good if I only took out one or two on one side of the mouth.

@mosespippy: I tried a banana last week and I couldn't do it, but that's also because the banana was too brown, and I don't like banana's when they're mushy. When it came to any fruit, for now, I don't eat anything that's like oranges so I'm not sure if tangerines will do, and I'll put it in the blender to make a smoothie. I'm not going to eat any fries, mash potatoes is a good substitute. Three canker sores, that doesn't sound good. I've had a mocha in the fridge since the extraction, and I really want to drink it, and I probably can, but it makes me teeth scummy. I hate when that happens, plus I just don't feel like drinking it since that's pretty much what my diet has been consisting of: chocolate drinks.

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@mormonwarrior: You're two years older than me; my brothers' age. I didn't get my wisdom teeth in at 16 though. They all came in around... I don't know, at 20, 21.

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@ntm: Maybe I'm just recovering faster than you are. I didn't feel like I needed my prescriptions (painkillers and anti swelling stuff) but I took them anyway. Maybe that's the difference. I'm mostly back to normal food now. I had a Hershey's almond bar today. I had to eat it in small bites but I need to train myself to eat smaller bites anyway. The dentist said my jaw is super damaged because of an old rugby injury and street fight and that I should avoid opening my mouth too wide.

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@mosespippy: No. I think I'm just worried more than you are :P. I could probably eat that stuff, but I choose not to. I took all of the amoxicillin, but only a few pain killers to see if it'd help with swallowing, it doesn't really (though it does say to take one or two every four to six hours). Right now, it's just the canker sore, but I want to be careful, though perhaps I'm being too careful with it. I don't know how healed my clots are, though a few days in they felt OK, and now even better. It's just the canker sore (which is also better).

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@zelyre: Yeah, that's all it was for me as well other than the canker sore. The canker sore doesn't bother me unless I swallow, which it only bothers me somewhat now, or if I had moved my tongue in a certain direction. And for a while, my lips were really chapped. The actual place where it was extracted, the clot didn't hurt at all, and I didn't have any swelling. Thanks for the advise. I heard of something else called Alum, which you supposedly put on the sore and then it goes away within a few days as opposed to a week or more.

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rinse with salty warm water every couple hours

cleared up my ANUG pretty well

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Well, I had 4 wisdom teeth removed, 4 regular teeth removed, and braces put on all on the same day and was stuck on a liquid diet for weeks, so I don't really have any advice for foods though warm saltwater rinses are really good for speeding healing and keeping your mouth clean.

But if I were you, I'd ask your oral surgeon or dentist about the sore, since you're not positive if it's a canker sore or not. It could be a sign of infection. If it is a canker sore, swishing a bit of lightly diluted colloidal silver in my mouth always got rid of them for me. I got them all the time as a child.

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So I'm actually a dentist and I'll tell you that as far as the canker sore, those usually take about two weeks to heal. In the mean time you can always use some Anbesol to numb the area until it heals. And yes salt water rinses are great for the area to heal as well as helping to remove any debris that get stuck in the healing sites. If it seems like there is anything stuck or they wont seem to close you may need to rinse out the area with a blunt syringe filled with water. Be careful and don't shove it down, just gentle pressure. Again thats only if you seem to keep getting stuff stuck and they don't seem to heal completely. As far as food goes, my best recommendation for solid food to transition would be mashed potatoes (which i know you tried) and ground beef. The ground beef isn't too tough so its easy to get back into chewing and isn't sticky. But most importantly it has plenty of protein which you need to start giving your body the energy it needs to heal and ultimately feel better. Now everyone does heal at different rates and adjusts to things differently. Luckily you aren't feeling pain so that is great and a good sign that things will turn around and you'll be eating that pizza soon. And if you've made it two weeks I wouldn't worry about dry sockets, you'd know within 4-7 days if you had one.

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When I had my wisdom teeth removed (two at a time for all four, twice the fun and twice the experience!), i think I was out for no more than a week. I think the first 3-4 days were the tough ones, and then after that I was eating normal food again.

So if your mouth is all scabbed up (and by scabbed up, I mean, it doesn't bleed if you look at it the wrong way), you might consider grad'yating to some solids!

Having said that, I would take professional advice over my very clearly amateur advice in this matter.\

EDIT: Fuck canker sores. I sometimes get them if I neglect to brush for one (ONE) night. It's ridiculous. Hope it heals soon! listerinize that sucker to oblivion!

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@brad078: I'm not sure if you're really a dentist or not, but I'll believe you; thanks for the advice. I actually just tried mashed potatoes again, and it was a lot easier to get down, but I stopped before finishing because I'm still a bit worried about getting anything in the sockets, so I just drank some water and Slim Fast to compensate, then used some warm salt water to swish around as well.