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Good fights. Daley is a punk and needs to get a lengthy suspension at the very least. And Shogun was awesome. Sucks to see Machida lose their both great guys.  
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Also Kos taking a dive after the knee was funny. People are being pretty sympathetic to Daley for that but you know what, If he doesn't throw the knee to the head when someone is clearly grounded then they can't fake it. 
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Oh wow, Lyoto lost? Totally forgot this was on.

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Crazy night of fights, i hope daley gets booted for that regardless of kos being a faking bitch. Rua rules and also you should put spoiler tags or something in your thread next time.

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Yup Rua caught him on the top of the side of the head area and Lyoto fell then Rua jumped on him and gave him a few good shots and Lyoto went out. Rua even got off and walked away before the ref stopped it instead of hitting more the the KO'd opponent. 
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Machida didn't seem focused for whatever reason (he usually never gives up his karate stance, but that was what made him eat so many leg kicks before), while Shogun felt like he had something to prove (which by the way he looked was way more "elusive" than machida was). Totally would have liked to seen the fight go on longer but when you got two super great athletes going at it it could all end in an instant. Oh wells, everybody's gotta lose eventually, and having a lost to Shogun is nothing to be ashamed about. Hopefully Machida bounces back and gets another title shot in a year or so. 

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I think Machida felt like he needed to do something different because everybody knows he lost the first fight.. Rua was mighty impressive.

Really enjoyed UFC 113.

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Kimbo is an embarrassment to the sport, Daley is a dirtbag who will never fight in the UFC ever again according to Dana and Shogun finally got the title he won months ago. Definitely the most satisfying KO since Henderson smoked Bisping. Overall, it was a poor event but the main event more than made up for it.

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Kimbo and Daley both got cut

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@Pessh: I'd heard about Daley but I didn't know about Kimbo. I assumed they'd keep hold of him for another event or two as he is a proven draw but they definitely made the right move here.
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:( I like Kimbo.