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In my 30+ odd years on this planet, I ate many a tasty chip/crisp. Now however, I feel like I've tasted the ultimate flavor. Grilled Burger. Why? Just think about it. Exactly. A grilled burger chip/crisp tastes exactly like a burger and fries - only perfectly crisp. Add a chilled beer in a frosted mug to that, and it's like mana from the heavens.

The Ultimate Chip/Crips Flavor

Does anybody want to challenge my logic? Do you think you'll get the better of me, with your reasoning for the ultimate chip/crisp seasoning? Be serious now. Grilled burger is poised for world dominance! It simply makes too much sense. Think about it!

What say you?

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Lays Cheddar and Sour Cream is where it's at for me.

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I would have to try this supposed miracle chip, I've been burned too many times by chips that say they are something and taste nothing like that thing. Salt and Vinegar for life though.

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Sour cream and onion, with smoked bacon as a distant second.

Ketchup is the worst.

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Kebob. Found these on my last trip to Poland.

I'm just kidding. They are absolutely awful. They taste like chips with a huge amount of beef Ramen noodle packet seasoning sprinkled on them.

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WTF is a crisps?

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@vuud said:

WTF is a crisps?

British people talk for *Chips*.

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@seppli said:

@vuud said:

WTF is a crisps?

British people talk for *Chips*.

all y'all crazy!

Real talk, pizza pringles are the best chip I have ever had. They're too brittle to dip, but I'm not big on dipping chips.

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My favorite. Nothing beats it for me.

But shit, son. I gotta find that burger flavor

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How would burger flavor work, anyway? A burger tastes of a number of different things.

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@zomgfruitbunnies: i think its just the beef patty and bread, no condiments, no toppings

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Also, corn chip > potato chip

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Lays Cheddar and Sour Cream is where it's at for me.

You spelled "Ruffles" wrong.

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@zomgfruitbunnies: to have real burger chips you need those beef chips aswell as ketchup and dill pickle chips, and put them all into one bowl.

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@corruptedevil: That sounds like an amazing nightmare waiting to happen. Someone's going to do it after reading this. I would do this if ketchup chips are available in China. Fortunately, they are not.

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This has been like crack for me. At one point, I was getting a bag every few days after discovering it. It tastes like steak to me, simple seasoning of pepper and salt. I love the crunchyness too, feels home made.

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Worcestershire sauce French fries or pickled onion monster munch

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Lays Cheddar and Sour Cream is where it's at for me.

You're a real human being and a real hero.

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@fattony12000: I was actually going to say those! Shit's so tasty

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@evan223 said:

Worcestershire sauce French fries or pickled onion monster munch

Yes mate. Also love kettle crisps mature cheddar and red onion.

My favourites would probably be the paprika flavoured ridged crisps they have in euroland which we don't get in the UK other than these:

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Cucumber Lay's is still my most favorite. Tastes so fresh, like a potato salad! It's unfortunately only available in China, as far as I know.

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Or the late great:

Or the Hostess Dill Pickle flavor, an image of which does not exist in a Google image search. Depressing...

I now live in Korea where most chips have sugar on them. Korean junk food is the worst. Fuckin' banana flavored cheesies...

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Not my favourite, but I really hate how almost every new flavour coming out over here these days seems to be "cheese & something". I love cheese myself and even like some of those cheesy chips as well, but most of the new ones I've tried have been garbage. Yet I still try almost all of 'em them...should've learned by now and stick to regular chips.

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I'm not sure if these are sold outside of Ireland, but they should be.

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This is truly the one true crisp.

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Let me be the first to say that those chicken and waffle flavored chips are not very good. It's not that they necessarily taste BAD, but that they taste basically like regular old chips with an unsettling maple syrup aftertaste.

I would not recommend these.

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Ketchup. It's absolutely the best flavour out there.

But Kettle cooked chips are also amazing.

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@fattony12000: YES! YES! I was looking for that. Tyrrell's makes an amazing chip.

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Worcester sauce is the best.

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@zomgfruitbunnies said:

How would burger flavor work, anyway? A burger tastes of a number of different things.

The ones I snacked on tasted pretty much like a Big Mac. Beef patty, sauce, pickle, and of course crispy fries.

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@bbalpert: Sounds like the shitty Maple Moose chips they had in Canada last year. Fucking terrible.

Miss Vickies Jalapeno is (was?) pretty good. I also always liked Doritos Sonic Sour Creme but they haven't had that here since like 1999 when they had 3D Doritos.

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@49th: those are actually pretty good. One of the people I was on a walking tour with in Dublin last year had a bag and I got to try some. Haven't seen them since, I don't even know where those are normally marketed.

Regional chip flavors are one of the things I like to sample when traveling. So far Eastern Europe wins the prize for sheer number of terrible varieties.

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@49th said:

Worcester sauce is the best.

What is this Walker's stuff?? Why does it have the same logo as Lay's?? I'm confused!!

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@counterclockwork87: Walkers is a British company that made crisps and was bought by Lays.

EDIT: Bought by PepsiCo who also own Lays. - Wikipedia.

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I like the corn and potato flavored ones.

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Sea salt & Vinegar are where it's at. So much flavor to be had.

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Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper

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Lays Cheddar and Sour Cream is where it's at for me.

Swap out Lays for Ruffles and you got my support.

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The other day, I picked up some Tabasco flavored chips. They were quite tasty.

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What is this Walker's stuff?? Why does it have the same logo as Lay's?? I'm confused!!

What us wacky British people call Lay's

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These are the perfect blend of salty and spicy with the pepper. Cape Cod always makes a nice crispy chip.

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These are by far the best. Although I'm pretty sure Synder's is mostly an east coast thing especially around PA as far as I know. If anyone could confirm otherwise that be great.