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Right, lets try to roll the "did you come from _____?" threads into one.

Where did you come from?

1up/GAF/4chan here.

Also hail from the gamespy forums, before they merged/died.

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lol 4chan.. What boards do you post on? I'm only in /p/ (photography)

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Gamespot, FrozeN__54.

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NeoGAF and GameFAQs/GameSpot

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Enorm said:
"lol 4chan.. What boards do you post on? I'm only in /p/ (photography)
Used to tripfag on /k/ and /r9k/, occasionally wander into /b/. Then some fag of a moderator permabanned me from all channels, because a random user accused me of being underage. My appeal was denied :@

So now I'm looking for other places to lurk. I tried a few other chans, but I'll miss old /k/.
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I used to spend my life on GameSpot until Jeff left. Haven't been anywhere since.

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Gamefaqs and a few other sites.

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Gamespot, woohoo.

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Strange, this board doesn't have smileys.

Oh well.

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I miss smileys... but that's it.

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my mothers womb

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Gamespot, as if there wasn't a less obvious answer....