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There are so many covers out there, where it sounds just like the original.  What's the point.
The other tendency is trying to out do the orginal by playing it the same but perhaps faster while soloing harder and trying to hold a note longer. Again what's the point.   
What I'm asking for  doesn't necessary have to be better then the original, it simply has to be a unique creative take on the original.   Where the person covering it makes it there own.
So post the original, then post the cover that you think is creative and unique . If the original is a well known song, then feel free to skip right to the cover.   

  This is a classic IRON MAIDEN song covered by  DJALI ZWAN (smashing Pumpkins)  for the movie Spun. An acoustic take on a badass metal song.

Your turn
 EDIT -  I know I didn't spell " unique" right in the title 
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This one is pretty cool. It's White Wedding, originally from Billy Idol, covered by Queens Of The Stone Age

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I believe I can fly - Me First And the Gimme Gimmes. 
Sorry about the shitty sound quality.

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I actually prefer this to Animal Collective's original. BY THE WAY, if any asshole posts the Killer's cover -- if you can call it that -- of Shadowplay by Joy Division, you will be shot on sight!
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@Bruce: Your not the only one who can play the Taken By Trees game  
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Orgasmatron- Motorhead
Orgasmatron- Sepultura

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@DanielJW said:
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Can't say I enjoyed that TNOTB cover.

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@Br3adfan: I like to post this masterwork of music every chance I get.
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I actually prefer The Living End's version of Tainted Love to the original.

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This a really good cover. The only thing that is original is the vocals.  

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  Possibly my favorite song, but Wolf manages to pull out a decent cover...


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Muse did a pretty good cover of "Feeling Good" 

  And this is also a pretty damn good cover, even though I don't like either of the artists or the original song. 
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  BTW if you notice you only see Dave playing guitar without singing because he was to strung out on drugs while filming to do both at the same time.
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  This is a remake of the old Phil Collins song 
  One of the best covers in the history of covers. 
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You can't beat Dolly Parton, but The White Stripes came close.
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Pearl Jam doing a cover for Last Kiss
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A Ukrainian band covering Katy Perry's "Hot n Cold." 
  Pomplamoose cover Beyonce's "Single Ladies."
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@Lowbrow: All Me First and the Gimme Gimmes do is covers, you cheated man. Shame on you.
Actually I'm going to cheat too:
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I like David Bowie's version of "Let's Spend the Night Together" on Aladdin Sane.  I also like Todd Rundgren's remake of "Never Never Land' on  A Wizard, A True Star.  Todd did do a spot on cover of Good Vibrations to the point where it did just sound exactly the same.  I think he just did it to prove he could do it.

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And just because it's so damn funny:

Edit: Almost forgot one of my favorite covers from one of my favorite bands:
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I was expecting horrible, but that was, just , so, very.....

I'm going to go cry in a corner now.

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Holy shit! 
Thats fucking epic! 
I am laughing so hard right now. 
She has the voice of an angel and swears like a sailor awesome!
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well this is my favorite 

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I've got a couple...
First is RHCP' cover of Stevie Wonder's 'Higher Ground'

Next is perhaps one of the greatest covers of all time... Jimi Hendrix'  version of Bob Dylan's 'All Along The Watchtower'.
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Dragonland The Neverending Story- Power metalled! 

  I dunno those 2 come to mind
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A couple of notable immediately come to mind...

  1. Smooth Criminal originally by Michael Jackson and covered uniquely by Alien Ant Farm
  2. Sweet Child of Mine by Guns and Roses then later covered by Sheryl Crow
  3. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin and then covered by Dolly Parton [Note: she also covered Collective Soul's Shine]
  4. With a Little Help from My Friends by the Beatles and made a cover classic by Joe Cocker
  5. Whiskey in a Jar is a folk song by the Dubliners and later covered by metal gods Metallica
  6. Under the Bridge was recorded by the Red Hot Chili Peppers originally and later covered by Britpop girl group, All Saints
  7. Big Yellow Taxi written and recorded by folk singer Joni Mitchell and then covered by 90s rock band, Counting Crows
  8. Blinded by the Light is a Bruce Springsteen classic from his 1st album, but Manfred Mann's Earth Band cover charted higher
  9. Smells Like Teen Spirit was an angry anthem recorded by Nirvana and following his death, balladized by Tori Amos
  10. My Way is a standard but its best know recording was by Frank Sinatra, well later Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols did a cover
  11. Got to Get You Into My Life was another Beatles song which was funkied up by Earth, Wind and Fire
  12. Proud Mary was a hit for Creedence Clearwater Revival and can be counted as one of Ike & Tina Turner's first hits when they recorded it
  13. Love Song was a goth fav in the 80s by the Cure and later a "ska" version was covered by band, 311
  14. How Soon is Now was an early alt-rock classic by the Smiths and later recorded by Russian pubescent duo, T.a.t.u. [also Love Spit Love from Charmed TV intro]
  15. Hazy Shade of Winter was first recorded by Simon & Garfunkel then later by girl pop band, the Bangles
  16. Landslide is a great song written by Stevie Nicks and recorded by Fleetwood Mac, later covered by alt-rockers Smashing Pumpkins & country trio, the Dixie Chicks
I could go on, but that's enough for now (nearly).  I'll close with my two favorite cover songs which are very different than the original versions but are still worth listening to.
  • Hanson first recorded the catchy (some might say maddening) pop hit, Mmm Bop.  It was later hilariously rerecorded by the Fabulous Pink Flamingos cabaret style 
  • In the 90s, Snoop Dogg charted to stardom with his hit, Gin and Juice.  A decade or so later, a kickass version that was both country and funk at the same time was recorded by the Gourds. 
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The two the come to mind to me immediately.  :)
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Here are a few that come to mind that I don't see mentioned yet:

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And Reel Big Fish's cover of A-ha's Take on Me


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Eric Clapton covers Bob Marley's song "I Shot The Sheriff." 
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Muse - Feeling Good

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Any Van Canto song! They are a "rockapella" group, they have 6 singers and one drummer, and thats it, they use their voices to imitate the sounds of instruments. Their Hero album is full of covers of blind guardian, iron maiden, nightwish, manowar, and some others. They are amazing!

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@Chipset_Seven said:

Eric Clapton covers Bob Marley's song "I Shot The Sheriff." 

God damn that was pretty average version of that song
Dancing in the moonlight comes to mind
  Toploader's Cover
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Sunn O))) (losely) covering "Cursed Realms (Of The Winterdemons)" by Immortal. In 2 parts.

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Moon Over Marin, covered by Matthew Good, originally by the Dead Kennedy's. 
Here is the original version for reference. 
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@PenguinDust said:
" A couple of notable immediately come to mind... 
  1. Whiskey in a Jar is a folk song by the Dubliners and later covered by metal gods Metallica."
Uh, there's more to it than that.  Whiskey in the Jar is an Irish folk song that was performed famously by the Dubliners.  A version was later done by the band Thin Lizzy, which is the basis of the cock-rock Metallica version that came 15 years later. 
There are a lot more versions out there though.
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oh and here's a cover of toxic :P