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Im looking for a new desk and chair, I need more space my desk has become cramped and my PC barely fits under it. I almost just want to get a table from Ikea, and add to it as i see fit. Also my chair has no padding left I need a nice highback chair thats comfortable for long hours of sitting, no stupid fancy "gaming chair" just a really good office chair. I want to spend about $400 total for the desk and chair. Feel free to post pictures of your own set-ups, I always find some good inspiration in others ideas.

here's the desk im looking at http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/catalog/products/S99806947/#/S99806947

and I have no idea where to begin with chairs, they're all so expensive. Thanks for any help, in advance.

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i have a huge long table that goes across the room. there are cabinets and draws with them also. they have a couple of holes for wires and things like that.

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use a stand up desk and forget the chair :D

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Duder, that desk is so basic. Just get a banquet table for a fourth of the price. You don't even need to assemble it.

Six feet of awesome for only $70.

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@Marz said:

use a stand up desk and forget the chair :D

That's bananas.

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I personally have a desk setup like this, and I love it because my computer is off to one side - which allows me to write and do work on the other side of the desk. The L shape is also awesome for a dual monitor PC setup, and provides plenty of desk space. Since it fits so nicely in a corner of your room, it doesn't take up much space either.

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Go to Ikea, get 2 30"x60" tables and 8 legs and create corner desk out of those for under $200. Not only will you have a ton more space, you can also rearrange them as you wish. That's my setup and it's great. I can fit all 3 of my monitors and still have a quarter of a table left and then use the whole other table for working on school stuff. I spent a month looking for a actual desk like that and you aren't going to find anything cheaper, and most don't have nearly as much space. If you need drawers just get one of those carts and it will easily fit under the table.

Here's the link. I bought 2 of them and use them:


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Steal a dentistry chair. It can position itself electronically, and even has a water fountain, not to mention a nice cushioned headguard.

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Check bankrupt stock on ebay for chairs, things like steelcase, humanscale, herman miller. 70-80% off of RRP wouldn't be surprising, shipping may be a bitch though depending on where you live.
Edit - I wouldnt really recommend buying something blind though, you really want to try stuff out first.

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@WilltheMagicAsian Like this idea $70 bucks is much more within my price range
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@Marz said:

use a stand up desk and forget the chair :D

That's hilarious.

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@Ben_H Sounds like exactly what I want, extremely simple. Thanks definitely going to look into this! Now how about a chair, can u do anything for me there? Haha