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Poll: US citizens, summarize your thoughts of the Democrats and Republicans into two words (Poll) (65 votes)

Democrats are good, Republicans are good 0%
Democrats are good, Republicans are okay 0%
Democrats are good, Republicans are bad 8%
Democrats are okay, Republicans are good 0%
Democrats are okay, Republicans are okay 9%
Democrats are okay, Republicans are bad 25%
Democrats are bad, Republicans are good 3%
Democrats are bad, Republicans are okay 3%
Democrats are bad, Republicans are bad 52%
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All shit.

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Political discussions always go so well on giantbomb.

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Democrats are unrealistic hippies and Republicans are illogical toolbags?

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dumb polls.

#6 Posted by erhard (490 posts) -

Both are terrible but certain Republicans make them the slightly better party on the whole.

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From an economic standpoint I don't think either party knows what the fuck they're doing, and even when they do they choose to help themselves, the companies who won them their election, and their rich buddies instead of fixing things. From a social standpoint Republicans are totally out of touch, and Democrats know this and focus far too much on social issues because of it.

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Neither parties are particularly awesome, but the Democrats are at least better than the Republicans. I'd prefer getting rid of both of them, though.

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Oh hey looks like google image search made this easy

I'm not American

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useless fuckers

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Fuck you.

The politicians, not anyone on this site.

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Simple! Dems and Reps are hypocrites that are forced to lie, appeal to the lowest common denominator, and appease horrible special interest groups to remain relevant and stay in power. Sorry, more than 2 words.

Ask me about Libertarianism.

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Accomplish nothing.

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Pffffffff seriously?

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Utter shit.

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Both Democrats and Republicans want the best for their fellow citizens. It's just that some of their beliefs about what's best can be very different from each other's and from their fellow citizens'.

I gave what I believe is the only accurate answer: both are OK.

Honestly, how many Democrats believe you shouldn't be able to defend yourself, and how many Republicans believe you shouldn't have access to healthcare? The answer is, close to none. It isn't the end goal that causes so much political tension, it's the path we take to get there.

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Corrupt Scum

#19 Posted by EXTomar (5039 posts) -

Both sides have good points but fail in acting on them.

#20 Posted by jakob187 (22362 posts) -

Parties suck.

#21 Posted by abara (235 posts) -

D: Corrupt Cowards
R: Morally Bankrupt

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Anyone who is a strict party person is an idiot. There are self-serving scumbags on both sides of the fence.

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This thread is basically engineered to create unconstructive discussion. Locking this.